Kanye West: Top 5 Remixes of ‘I Love Kanye’

Kanye West: Top 5 Remixes of 'I Love Kanye'


Since the release of TLOP from Kanye West, the internet has seen more than a handful of remixes of it, specifically for one track on his album that has no instrumental: “I Love Kanye.” Upon hearing it for the first time, I instantly knew that this would hit the producer community hard. How could anyone with even a bit of talent in music resist the opportunity to remix a track from Yeezy himself? After hearing a few of the remixes, I was able to pick out a select a few of my personal favorites. Below is an overview of each of the remixes, and what I liked about each one. Check it out!

Number Five: Cesar Remix – ‘Old Kanye’

Aside from having a dope landing page for the remix on www.oldkanye.com, it also seems to be the very first track released from this up and coming producer. It’s one of the only few that actually applies a bit of manipulation to the vocals as well, which I find to be pretty cool. Check it out below and prepare to be amazed with ear-crushing bass drops and heavy-hitting percussion lines.

Number Four: Stefan Ponce Remix

With most of the remixes being up the alley of the trap / hip-hop area, Stefan changes things up a bit with this soulful twist on Kanye’s vocals. I found it to be a little repetitive at times, but cool nonetheless. This is how the Jackson 5 would’ve remixed Kanye.


Number Three: DJ Premier Remix

Firstly, how could anyone not resist a flip from the legend himself, DJ Premier. He’s got a knack for knowing exactly how to add on a beat, and as he said himself, “I’m a street DJ and when a good a cappella is naked, you put some clothes on it.” We can only hope that he has more in store for us over the next few months.


Number Two: Key Wane Remix

In our number two slot, we have a remix from Key Wane, who flips it backwards with a atmospheric remix that almost sounds machine-like. I definitely dig this one a lot, and to top it off it’s a free download!


Number One: Kayzo Remix

To wrap things up, KAYZO throws it back with this epic hardstyle remix of “I Love Kanye.” It definitely made me a little nostalgic listening to this. Thanks for listening and reading!


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