Diabetes: 15 Things You Didn’t Know (Part 2)


Diabetes is a huge problem in today’s day and age. More people than ever before have the disease and it’s killing millions. Here are more facts about it that most people don’t know.

Number Eight: There Are a Lot of People Who Unknowingly Have It

Diabetes is found in a lot of people, and there’s certainly more people that have it that don’t even realize it. In fact, one-third of people who have the disease don’t know they have it.

Number Seven: Diabetes Causes Blindness in Severe Cases

In severe cases, diabetes can cause blindness in individuals. Furthermore, it is actually the main reason why adults can become blind.

Number Six: It’s Cost Us a Lot

Diabetes is no little thing. Over recent years, it has cost America 174 dollars each year, which is pretty crazy.

Number Five: One Diabetic’s Parents Were Charged With Manslaughter for Not Treating Their Daughter

In the mid-90s, a girl in Pennsylvania died because her parents refused to give her medicine. They thought they could heal her with prayer. In the end, they were charged with manslaughter.

Number Four: It’s Linked With Alzheimer’s

Not many people know that diabetes is linked with Alzheimer’s. Although the reason why it is so is not yet understood, the positive correlation is nevertheless there.

Number Three: Doctors Used to Drink the Urine of Patients

Strangely enough, doctors used to have to drink the urine of patients in order to determine whether or not they were diabetic. It has been reported that a diabetic’s urine is much sweeter.

Number Two: Amputations Are At a High

When someone’s case of the condition gets really bad, it often ends up with amputation of some sort. Just last year, there were more than 85,000 amputations that had to be done as a result.

Number One: It Increases Vaginal Infections

Women with diabetes may find a harder time upkeeping their health in their vaginal area. This is because diabetes can cause vaginal infections due to higher glucose levels. Diabetes is a scary reality that many people have to deal with, but hopefully, with time, things will improve. Enlightenment is always the first step towards change. Thanks for reading!