Pornhub Reveals Most Popular U.S. Search Terms by State


Porn: we’ve all seen it. And even if you haven’t watched any porn yourself, chances are you’ve heard of Pornhub. The porn website has grown to dominate the world of online porn and is one of the most popular destinations for horny men and women alike. However, have you ever stopped and wondered what exactly people are looking at on Pornhub? Well, wonder no more – the company partnered up with Vocativ to put together a state-by-state guide to the most popular Pornhub searches in January of this year, and the results are quite disturbing.

Pornhub Users Are Really Into Lesbians

“Lesbian” is by far the most popular search term on the website and took the number one slot in an impressive 30 states. In fact, among the 10 states that drive the most traffic to the site, “lesbian” was the number one search term in eight of them, reinforcing the stereotype that most of the website’s visitors are men who just want to watch some unrealistic girl-on-girl action. But wait – it gets worse.

In Vermont, Nebraska, and Arkansas, the most searched term was “cartoon,” which is quite puzzling. Even worse, “step sister” and “step mom” both make the list in several states.  Montana, Ohio, Maine, Wyoming, and Minnesota all searched for “step sister” more than anything else, and the states of Kentucky, Alaska, South Dakota, and Washington all had “step mom” as the number one search term. Rhode Island kept it in the family with a number one search term of “MILF.”

The incestuousness of it all might gross you out, but it’s also fascinating because of the differences between the states. Kentucky and Alaska share a number one search term for “step mom,” but why? Perhaps people in Kentucky and Alaska have a lot more in common than we originally thought.

Kaitlyn Kelly / Pornhub
Kaitlyn Kelly / Pornhub

Some Fascinating Differences in Race by State

Some interesting racial differences in searches arose as well. For example, the number one search term in Mississippi was “ebony,” and the number one term in Louisiana was “black.” Similarly, the number one term in Hawaii was “asian.” This fits with the racial makeup of these states – Mississippi and Louisiana have at least a 25 percent African-American population, and Hawaii is the only state that has a majority Asian-American population.

Though the research collected only covers one month of this year, it aligns with the rest of the world quite accurately. Last year, the most searched for term on Pornhub was “lesbian,” and “step mom,” “step sister,” “asian,” “ebony,” “black,” and “milf” were all in the global top 20 search terms.