Gonorrhea: 15 Things You Should Know (Part 2)

Gonorrhea: 15 Things You Should Know (Part 2)


Since gonorrhea is becoming more prominent in today’s world, it’s good to get all the important facts in order to stay as healthy as you can be. Here are eight more facts about this debilitating STI.

Number Eight: The Bacterium Has Super Strength

The gonorrhea bacterium is really strong. Strangely enough, it can pull up to one million times its weight, which is super crazy. Not many other things in this world are really that strong.

Number Seven: Tiger Woods Has It

In recent years, Tiger Woods’ career has been overshadowed by the revealing of his sexual history. Part of this history includes the fact that he has gonorrhea, unfortunately.

Number Six: African-Americans Get Hit Harder

Statistically speaking, African-Americans are more likely to contract the disease. In recent years, studies have revealed that they are almost 20 times more likely than other ethnicities.

Number Five: Gonorrhea Makes Children Blind

If a women with gonorrhea gets pregnant, there’s a chance that her child will be born blind as a result. To prevent this from happening, it’s that much more crucial that she get treated.

Number Four: Symptoms Are Worse in Men Than in Women

When women contract the disease, the symptoms they may receive as a result aren’t that bad. Men, on the other hand, usually experience more of the symptoms.

Number Three: You Can Catch it in Your Throat

Although most people contract the disease through sexual intercourse, it can also be gotton through the swallowing of semen. Abstaining from this sort of act until the person is treated is key for greater health.

Number Two: The Story Behind How Gonorrhea Got Its Name

When the disease was first discovered by the Greeks, they named it gonorrhea because they thought that the discharge coming out of the penis was the man’s “seed” coming out of him against his will. This is certainly a strange concept.

Number One: It Doesn’t Discriminate

There are rumors that one sort of sexual act is safer than others when it comes to not transmitting gonorrhea, but this is not the case. All sexual acts can potentially lead you to contract the STI. Thanks for reading!

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