The Top Ten Sexiest Male Jobs According to Women

Are you a young man in college who is uncertain about what you should major in? Maybe you’re a young man who is looking for the “right job” that will attract the “right woman.” Well, look no further, this countdown could possibly help you land the job of your dreams, as well as the woman of your dreams. Most of the jobs on this list are high paying, and there’s nothing more sexy than a man with money – so I’ve been told.

Number Ten: Police Officer

Annual Salary: $56,000. There’s something very appealing about a man who is strong and protective. A man who is willing to put his life on the line in order to serve and protect the community is also very attractive. The income isn’t a lot for such a stressful high-risk job, but serving the community should be rewarding enough, I guess. Even with all the negativity surrounding police officers, a sound mind understands that the “bad ones” don’t represent all of the police officers who are doing their jobs the respectful way.

Number Nine: Accountant

Annual Salary: $63,000. When it comes to finances and managing money, there’s no better choice than marrying an accountant. One would think an accountant would be a little higher on the list, but maybe women have realized that just because he organizes his finances well, it doesn’t mean he can organize his life just as effectively.

Number Eight: Physical Therapist

Annual Salary: $79,000. I’ve never heard a woman complain about a man who is good with his hands. With a salary of more than $70,000 a year, a physical therapist is definitely an attractive job. Besides, receiving a professional massage after a long day must be ideal.

Number Seven: Engineer

Annual Salary: $79,000. Engineers are considered to be problem solvers, but the fact that they are Number 7 on the list proves they may not be able to solve their relationship issues. Of course, most woman love a man with stable finances who has a brain to match, so engineers are an obvious choice.

Number Six: Environmental Scientist

Annual Salary: $63,000. Wow! Environmental scientists have sure come a long way- which proves an intelligent man who makes his living solving our environmental issues is very sexy. Of course, the job is a lot more complex than that, but let’s face it, this job requires more brains than physical strength.

Number Five: Teacher

Annual Salary: $55,000. I’m sure most women have had a crush on one of their teachers in the past. There’s just something very sexy about a man who has a passion for education. Teaching is a tough job, and the pay is definitely not reflective on how important teaching is. Guys, I hope you’re taking notes- women have ranked teaching the fifth most attractive job in the world.

Number Four: Marketing

Annual Salary: $67,000. I understand why marketing is so high on the list. Marketers are confident, ambitious, creative, and all of those qualities are very attractive. They are also risk-takers, which can be seen as a good or bad thing. It’s ranked Number 4, and so women must love the risk-taking aspect.

Number Three: Doctor

Annual Salary: $187,000. This is no surprise at all! Most women desire to marry a doctor, no matter what, these jobs are considered to be the most respective professions in the world. Now that plastic surgery is so popular, I would say marrying a plastic surgeon is the most desired.

Number Two: Lawyer

Annual Salary: $113,000. There is something very appealing about dating/marrying someone who has great knowledge of the law. On the other side, you can forget about winning an argument with this person. I understand why women see lawyers as sexy because we rarely see an attorney without his well-tailored suit.

The Top Ten Sexiest Male Jobs According to Women /
The Top Ten Sexiest Male Jobs According to Women /

Number One: Architect

Annual Salary: $73,000. I’m a little shocked by this pick! Well, I guess it is sexy being with someone who can build you a beautiful home. Architects are also very creative- I’m sure being able to commit must be a required quality for an architect too. I’m still a little surprised a professional athlete didn’t make the list.