Hell’s Kitchen: Top 8 Outrageous Gordon Ramsay Quotes

Hell's Kitchen: Top 8 Outrageous Gordon Ramsay Quotes


Gordon Ramsay has a well-documented short temper, and there’s no shortage of footage to prove this. Though Ramsay works on numerous food-related shows, Hell’s Kitchen is perhaps the one that sees most of his wrath. Here, we present our list of the eight most outrageous Gordon Ramsay quotes taken from Hell’s Kitchen. Prepare to be shocked and amused (not to mention extremely glad you’re not a contestant yourself)!

Number Eight: Gordon Ramsay On Raw Chicken

If there’s one thing you should never give Gordon Ramsay, it’s raw chicken. One HK contestant who just so happened to have red hair did exactly this. Ramsay responded exactly as expected: “Raw chicken again! It’s f***ing redder than your beard!”

Number Seven: On Yankees

One iconic episode of Hell’s Kitchen featured a contestant who was struggling to get it together with some lamb sauce. Ramsay was so fed up he went on a rant about Yankees and said, “Oh f*** off you, you fat useless sack of f***ing Yankee stanky doodle sh*t.”

Number Six: On Appetizers

This is actually one of the tamer Gordon quotes. One HK contestant had consistently putting in a bad performance at service, to which Gordon responded, “Thanks for shafting me on the mashed potatoes…and thanks for being a t*at on the appetizers.”

Number Five: A Hell’s Kitchen Classic – On Pumpkin Risotto

One diner had been served pumpkin risotto during service but wasn’t happy with how little pumpkin was in it. The diner walked up to Gordon and got in his face, but as per usual, Gordon told him what’s up. He said, “Right, I’ll get you more pumpkin; I’ll ram it right up your f***ing a**. Would you like it whole or diced?”

Number Four: On Trust

If you cross Gordon once, you won’t be given the chance to cross him again. He told one contestant, “You’ve now just confirmed in my mind you’re not trustworthy. So f*** you.”

Number Three: On Mushrooms

This is one of the cleverest Gordon Ramsay quotes. He was unhappy with how a contestant had cooked her mushroom¬†and responded, “This mushroom is so raw it said that the princess is in another castle!” Ouch.

Number Two: On Salmon

It’s no secret that Gordon is a proponent of speaking his mind, and this is no exception. He took one look at a contestant’s dish made with salmon and said, “Look at that! It looks like a bison’s penis!”

Number One: On Sandwiches

Finally, this has to be one of the most outrageous moments ever on Hell’s Kitchen – and the best part of this quote doesn’t even come from Gordon! He put two pieces of bread on either side of a contestant’s face and asked her, “What are you?” She responded, “An idiot sandwich.” Thanks for reading!

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