One Direction: Top 6 Most Insane Fan Stories

One Direction have topped the charts all over the world becoming universally famous and internationally irresistible. With fans residing in every corner of the globe it is no shock that some of them may have gone a bi off track with their affections. So, to celebrate those that are that little bit more passionate here are the top six most insane fan stories.

Number Six: The One Where The Fan Got Braces Because A One Direction Member Did

When a British film crew filmed a number of obsessive ‘directioners’ (name for infatuated One Direction fans), for a documentary, one admirer in particular was shown to have gotten the same dental work as Irish heartthrob Niall Horan. She later admitted ‘I didn’t really need braces but I wanted them because they look good and because Niall had them.’

Number Five: The One Where A 47 Year Old Woman Copied One Directions Tattoos

Not only do One Direction attract teeny boppers and screaming young girls, they also seem to draw in the older crowd. Sharing the obsession with her teenage daughter, one particular 47 year old lady was reported to have spent over £350 on the same body art, including the same swallows that long haired lothario Harry Styles has inked on his chest.

Number Four: The One Where A Fan Gets Harry Styles Face Tattooed On Her Arm

Speaking of Tattoos, if you think a couple of birds on chest are bad, how about an entire face? Yes that’s right, one super fan, again obsessed with Harry Styles, had his whole face tattooed on her arm, from the wrist to her elbow.

Number Three: The One Where A Fan Threatened To Kill Her Dog

One Directioners have been known to go a little over the top sometimes, especially on twitter, but threatening the life of an animal is a step too far. One user did just that by tweeting the band a picture of her holding her pet Chihuahua by its neck, the user then followed with the message ‘FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER OR I’LL BREAK MY DOG’S NECK’. Thankfully it was later found to be a hoax, but still?!

Number Two: The One Where A Fan Stole Liam’s Boxers

Not satisfied with just an autograph one fan took it up a notch by stealing their pants. Liam Payne clarified the bizarre situation, tweeting ‘Strangest way I’ve ever been woken up, when ur in bed butt naked an sum1 is trying to force open your balcony this is gunna be a strange day. Hmmmm somebody stole my boxers I’m so embarrassed’.

Number One: The One Where A Whole Fandom Is Dedicated To The Fabricated Love Story Of Harry And Louis.

Early into the bands success a small group of fans decided that Harry and Louis sure looked like they were more than just close friends. Coining the now popular term ‘shipping’, ‘Larry’ shippers then began creating pictures that would in some way insinuate the two were in a relationship. Some of the work in particular is highly graphic, with others going as far as to say that all five of them are sleeping together!