Scott Disick: Top 9 Most Outrageous Quotes

Scott Disick: Top 9 Most Outrageous Quotes

Scott Disick might not be the most popular character on KUWTK, but he’s certainly made the show more interesting. Disick regularly makes his way into the spotlight for the outrageous things he says; here, we’ve collected his most outrageous outbursts and organized them into a list. Prepare to be shocked and amused – check it out for yourself below!

Number Nine: Scott Disick On Firearms

This is a classic SD line. Caitlyn (then Bruce) was giving a motivational speech, and Scott was having none of it. He responded, “You’ve really made me just want to go to Kmart and get a gun.”

Number Eight: On Making Money

It’s no secret that Scott’s pretty lazy, and this epitomizes just how lazy he can be. While laying down on the couch, he said, “It’s kind of relaxing just to come and sit back and think about all the money I made today.”

Number Seven: On His Haters

Scott is well-aware of all the haters he has, but he’s always been quite proud of his ability to brush them off. He once said, “All the haters are just jealous, so they’re trying to bring me down. I’m young, handsome, successful, wealthy. You could say I’m a role model – I’m the American dream!”

Number Six: On Kourtney’s Baby Weight

No new mother wants to be talked to about her weight – by a man, no less. Instead of supporting Kourtney’s appearance after she gave birth, Scott was quick to criticize. He said, “If I would have fallen in love with you a couple pounds overweight, this would be my ideal weight. But I fell in love with you when you were super skinny, so…”

Number Five: On Peasants

Restaurants apparently aren’t good enough for Scott Disick. He once uttered the ridiculous line, “I’m not gonna go eat at a restaurant like a peasant.”

Number Four: On Pianos

Pianos are one of the most elegant things you can have in a house, but Scott has no qualms about the fact that he can’t play. He was brutally and hilariously honest when he said, “I didn’t buy the piano to play it, I bought it because it looks nice.”

Number Three: On Yoga

One of the best times anyone has ever shut down Kim Kardashian is this line right here. Kim was opening mail and she said, “Oh, look. Someone gave us a free yoga membership.” Scott responded, “Thank God. You wouldn’t have been able to afford it.”

Number Two: On Hospital Visits

When Kourtney was preparing to give birth, someone asked Scott what he would be bringing to the hospital. He responded, “A tuxedo.”

Number One: On Surgery

Finally, the most ridiculous and comical Scott Disick quote has to be this one, about all the adjustments he’s had to make while he was becoming part of the Kardashian family. He said, “I had to make quite a bit of changes to get along with everyone in the Kardashian clan. You know, one wasn’t cheap. I had to surgically remove my penis.” Thanks for reading!

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