Top 8 Surprising Health Benefits of Sleeping Naked

Top 8 Surprising Health Benefits of Sleeping Naked

Forget pajamas – sleeping naked is the next big health craze. There are a host of health benefits that come along with sleeping in the nude, and we’ve got a comprehensive list for you. Ready to be inspired to throw out those PJs? Check the list out for yourself below!

Number Eight: Sleeping Naked Improves Your Sleep Quality

When you wear heavy flannel pajamas, you keep yourself warm, but you also don’t allow your body to go through the natural temperature fluctuations it experiences in a natural sleep cycle. This means you’re more likely to wake up when you’re wearing pajamas than you are if you sleep naked. Sleeping naked = sleeping better!

Number Seven: It Lowers Your Stress Levels

Not all of us share a bed with someone else, but for those of us who do – it’s best to sleep naked. Skin-to-skin contact with your partner has been scientifically proven to lower stress levels, blood pressure, and improve happiness.

Number Six: It Improves Your Relationships

People who sleep naked are happier in their relationships than people who sleep in pajamas! One 2014 survey found that 57% of respondents who slept naked were content in their relationships while just 48% of people who slept in pajamas could say the same.

Number Five: It Reduces Risk of Infection

By letting your skin air out at night, you’re giving your body a chance to breathe. People who sleep in their underwear and pajamas can create a moist environment where infections (such as yeast infections) are much more likely to form.

Number Four: It Improves Your Confidence

If you sleep naked, you’ll be forced to be a little more in touch with your body – literally. Sleeping naked can not only be liberating, but it can be a huge confidence booster as well. You’ll feel sexier and ready to start your day every morning!

Number Three: It’ll Help You Lose Weight

Just like sleeping naked can boost your confidence, it can also make you more aware of your body. While increasing your self-awareness can make you more conscious of what you eat, there’s another reason sleeping naked helps you lose weight – it improves your sleep. A full night of sleep will help prevent mindless eating, and so you’ll be much more likely to only eat when you’re hungry.

Number Two: It Eliminates the Need for Morning Showers

You’ll be much less likely to wake up sweating if you sleep naked. By letting your body air out, you’ll reduce, if not eliminate, your need for a morning shower. Sleep in for an extra 15 minutes instead!

Number One: You’ll Do Less Laundry

If you don’t wear pajamas, you obviously won’t have to wash them. So not only will you be saving yourself a lot of time, but you’ll also be saving laundry detergent. Happy sleeping!

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