Lindsay Lohan: Top 9 Most Outrageous Interview Quotes

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Purple Magazine

The rise and fall of Lindsay Lohan was a nationwide obsession from the mid-2000s to just a few years ago. Everyone’s favorite party girl just couldn’t help but get herself into more trouble doing drugs and having run-ins with the cops. Not only was she tabloid fodder, but Lohan also blessed us with some of the most outrageous and hilarious quotes of all time. Here are the top nine most outrageous interview quotes Lindsay Lohan bestowed upon the world.

Number Nine: Lindsay Lohan On Her Drug Use

“I really haven’t done [cocaine] more than 10 or 15 times. I’ve done it like 10 or 15 times. No, it never felt good the next day. It was a party thing. I snorted it. I never injected anything other than get B12 shots.” Sure Lindsay, just a few times snorting white powder isn’t bad. And the addition of the injection one-liner? We couldn’t have asked for anything better.

Number Eight: On Her Desire To Go To Jail

“I somewhere inside knew and kind of wanted to…go to jail.” Right, you wanted to go to jail Linds. It’s something to be aspired to for some people, we guess?

Number Seven: Her Thoughts On Rehab

“It’s so weird that I went to rehab. I always said that I would die before I went to rehab. But I thought, ‘I’m going to stay here tonight.’ And I stayed there for a month. It was great.” Was it great? I think the point of going to rehab is to prevent dying, so at least she made it there before that happened.

Number Six: On Her Career Aspirations

“I want to win an Oscar. I want to be known for more than, like, going out.” If it took Leo more than a decade to win an Oscar, then I think your odds of winning are pretty much one in never-going-to-happen-ever. But you never know, The Academy is unpredictable so here’s to hoping. Fingers crossed.

Number Five: On People’s Misconceptions Of Her

“The biggest misconception is probably that I don’t have my head in the right place.” Definitely one of the most outrageous quotes ever, Lindsay Lohan divulges that people just don’t understand her. Her head is in the right place! It’s just those pesky drugs that shake things up every now and then.

Number Four: On Her Mantra

“My motto is: Live every day to the fullest – in moderation.” Hey, at least she’s trying to rein in the drug and drinking activities. But there’s nothing like a famous quote being butchered by an out-of-control socialite.

Number Three: On Kanye West

“How come when Kanye acts like an idiot he gets a gold record, but when I act like an idiot, I get a police record?” Yes, this is outrageous, but can we all agree that the girl actually has a valid point here? Although her police record has more to do with driving under the influence and breaking her court-mandated sobriety than innocent Twitter ramblings, those are just meaningless, little details to Linds.

Number Two: On Her Reputation

“I want to be remembered for the work that I’ve done, rather than the car accidents that I’ve gotten into, the men that I’ve not dated – or the man that I have.” Helpful tip: Avoid getting into car accidents if you want the media to remember you for your acting talents. So far, so good in the past few months. Knocks on wood.

Number One: On Her Boobs And Loving Her Body

“It’s my body. And I like my body. And I like my breasts. And no, they’re not fake.” In case there was any confusion, according to the owner herself, her boobs are in fact real. But hey, we always support a little body appreciation.

Oh, Lindsay, you charmed us in The Parent Trap, but it looks like maybe Hollywood wasn’t the healthiest environment to grow up in. Either way, we will always love you and cherish the priceless quotes you have blessed us with. Thanks for reading!