Lesbian Sex: Top 7 Most Common Misconceptions


Unfortunately, lesbians seem to bear the brunt of stereotypes and common misconceptions more than most. With statements such as “All lesbians are vegetarians,” “All lesbians hate men,” and “Lesbians are all feminists, right?” making the rounds, these popular myths all creep into the minds of many. But above all, the most famous fable by far is what lesbians get up to in the bedroom. Here are seven of the most common misconceptions about lesbian sex.

Number Seven: Lesbians Can’t Have Sex

Probably the most common question with regards to lesbian sex is whether or not they can actually have it. Is it actually possible? Of course it is possible, sex can be anything anyone wants it to be. Be it penetrative or not, sex and sexual intercourse are not the same thing.

Number Six: They Only Use Dildos

Just like straight couples, there are millions of different ways lesbians can have sex, if not more. Although there is a huge variety of specifically designed lesbian sex toys available such as strap-ons and dildos it is not absolutely necessary to use them. In fact, many lesbians prefer tongues, fingers and even fisting to reach orgasm.

Number Five: They Use Strap-Ons Because They Miss Men

Firstly a strap-on does not represent a penis. In fact, it is the last thing they are thinking about. The sole purpose of using strap-ons or dildos or any other form of sex toy is for pleasure. Secondly, it works! Yes, a penis is designed to fit inside a vagina to make babies and procreate but it also feels extremely good when doing so. A strap-on is just the same, yet it doesn’t really look like a penis. Perfect.

Number Four: Lesbians Scissor

Sorry to break it to you, but all that lesbian porn you have been watching has been lying to you. Kind of. Referring to the act of two women rubbing their vaginas together whilst interlocking their legs, scissoring is usually seen in the sexual entertainment business rather than in a lesbian’s bedroom. However, that’s not to say that lesbians never do it, but the fact is, it is just not as common as most like to think. Sorry, South Park!

Number Three: Someone Has to Play the Role of the ‘Man’ During Lesbian Sex

Believe it or not, nobody takes on the role of the male because the two people having sex are surprisingly both women. That’s the point. Just like straight couples, lesbians come in all different shapes and sizes, so at the end of the day, it is just down to preference. Yes, in some cases one will prefer to take a more dominant position, but that’s just down to the personality of the person rather than their sexuality.

Number Two: Lesbians Have All Slept With Each Other

One stereotype that has come about due to movies and television may actually have some grounds to be true. Although obviously not entirely correct (lesbians have not all slept with each other), it is extremely likely that they know a friend of a friend who’s slept with an ex, or something along those lines. For example think about the ratio of lesbians to straight people and the number of gay bars to straight bars – go figure.

Number One: Lesbian Bed Death

Lesbian bed death is a term used to describe the point in a relationship where things may have slowed down a bit with regards to sex. Many reasons could be possible for this, some of which include lack of sex drive, boredom, the passion may have dwindled or even having too much sex. However, this can also happen with every other relationship on the planet, only lesbians seem to get a special name for it. Lesbians don’t experience this phenomenon any more than hetero couples. Thanks for reading!