Anal Sex: Top 6 Most Common Misconceptions

Usually ignored and swept under the rug, anal sex is still one of the most taboo topics. Holding a bad reputation for being filthy, unhygienic, and even immoral, people today are still reluctant to discuss it. However, it’s time to forget those horror stories and embrace the truth! So, if you want to experiment yet have always been afraid to ask those questions, take this opportunity to get to the bottom of it. Here are six of the most common misconceptions about anal sex.

Number Six: Anal Sex Really Hurts

One popular myth about anal is how extremely painful it is. Think about it – if anal sex was so traumatic no one would be doing it all. Remember that you have a choice, and millions of people tick that yes box every day. The main thing to remember is to relax; the more relaxed you feel the more pleasurable it will be. Start small, use plenty of lube and remember communication is key!

Number Five: It’s A Gay Thing

With comments such as “if a man likes anal sex does that make him gay?” doing the rounds it is important to break these stereotypes. Yes, there are plenty of men who like to slip it in the backdoor, but they might also like to have their girlfriends return the favor. In no way, shape, or form does it insinuate you are gay. At the end of the day, whatever your sexual orientation, it is about what you find pleasurable, not which gender you prefer.

Number Four: It’s Gross

Another fictitious folk tale is how dirty and unhygienic it can be; however, nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, your feces isn’t even stored there at all and is hiding elsewhere to be released when you see fit. There may be traces of fecal matter, but if you are hygienic and partial to a good cleansing then everything should be squeaky clean.

Number Three: You’ll Get AIDS

Again contributing to the “only gay men have anal sex” misconception, it also has the attached stigma of being unsafe. Firstly, whatever the case it is important to practice safe sex wherever you put it. Condoms are vital and with the use of lube, it can help prevent rips and tears. Secondly, while the anus is more susceptible to spreading sexually transmitted diseases, as long as you are responsible and mature everything will be OK!

Number Two: You Can’t Get Pregnant

As mentioned above, it is extremely important to always practice safe sex, not only to protect yourself from sexually transmitted infections but also to protect yourself from unwanted pregnancies. A common myth often surrounding anal sex is the theory that it won’t get you pregnant. However, surprise! The human body is a marvelous thing and one slip, so to speak, could mean trouble. Yes, people can get carried away in the midst of a passionate roll in the hay, so remember, always protect yourself.

Number One: You Will Become Loose

No matter how many times you poke the pink it will not become loose or baggy. The anus is actually a muscle, therefore, like any other muscle, the more and more exercise it gets, the stronger it becomes. So don’t worry, you won’t suddenly lose control of you nether regions and you won’t instantly start soiling yourself either. Thanks for reading!