The Darknet: 7 Things You Definitely Didn’t Know

The Darknet is one of the most mysterious and fascinating topics of conversation. However, despite its recent increase in popularity, there are still many things most people don’t know about the subset of the Deep Web. Here, we present our list of seven things you definitely (probably) didn’t know about the Darknet. Prepare to be shocked and amused!

Number Seven: It’s Not All Illegal Activity

While the Deep Web has grown notorious for the illegal activity that takes place – child pornography, hurtcore, etc. – it’s not all sick stuff. Many sites on the Darknet contain only text, although some of this text is highly confidential information.

Number Six: The ‘.to’ Trick

One of the most popular Darknets is Tor. If you want to access Tor sites from the clearnet, try adding “.to” at the end of the URL. However, note that if you do this, your identity will probably not be hidden like it would if you were on the Darknet.

Number Five: You Can Find Lots of Personal Information

Many sites on the deep web contain highly personal information about various people. Such personal information includes email addresses, names, addresses, and phone numbers. People tend to post this information if they want to target or harass someone.

Number Four: It Has Search Engines

While many people believe that there are no search engines on the Darknet, the truth is that there are several. Some of these popular search engines include Search Tor Hidden Services, not Evil, Candle, and TORCH. However, they don’t operate exactly like Google – you might not find exactly what you search for.

Number Three: It Lets You Send Secret Emails

If you want to send an email but need to protect your identity, use the Darknet! The Deep Web contains secure email servers allowing users to send emails without revealing their own identity or location.

Number Two: You Can Use it in Countries With Restrictive Internet Access

It’s true! While countries like North Korea permit very little uncensored access to the internet, you can still use the Deep Web and Darknet there. Citizens can choose to communicate how they want to this way.

Number One: Avoid Using Windows While Using The Darknet

The most popular operating system to use on the Darknet is Windows. Because of this, it’s also the most vulnerable. Avoid using Windows when using the Deep Web, or else you might be at risk of getting a virus. Thanks for reading!