Top 10 Hottest Female Golfers in the World

Top 10 Hottest Female Golfers in the World

You’ve probably been so busy getting attached to other sports and almost forgotten that women’s golf boasts some of the hottest female golfers in the sports world. One thing about women is that they’re some really well-modeled creatures, and that means that even the golf world affords quite a few of these damsels. Here, we take a look at 10 the hottest female golf players in the game. Stick around!

Number Ten: Zakiya Randall

Every time this damsel puts on her adorable golf pack, you expect nothing but a redeeming performance on the course. Zakiya is the kind of a lady who swings her hits like a boss.

Number Nine: Michelle Wie

A well-composed lady golfer, beautiful Wie loves to keep her eyes on the ball as it does the short flight over the field. You should look at her eyes after she swings it!

Number Eight: Danielle Montgomery

She is a well-built lady with a strong physique, and that tells you how well she can make that ball fly. She’s careful and very calculative!

Number Seven: Sharmila Nicollet

Sharmila is a live wire on the golf course. She’s got the eyes and some nice hair that you couldn’t pass without a third look. She loves nail polish, too!

Number Six: Belen Mozo

If you thought what she wears on the pitch is nice, you should see her rocking some short dress in her own sexy time. Who would guess that such beauty could excel at golf so well?! Mozo is clearly one of the hottest female golfers.

Number Five: Maria Verchenova

Just throwing a quick glance at this lady will tell you what she loves. She has the kind of tender eyes and face that give away the allure of her ambition. You wouldn’t want to miss her match!

Number Four: One of the Hottest Female Golfers – Bridget Dwyer

Bridget loves to hit the course rocking the kind of regalia that would make you drool over her. When she swings it, her physique appears to be the perfect shape of a beautiful woman.

Number Three: Anna Rawson

If you didn’t know that female golfers love to have some fun, you should take a look at some of the photos of this nice lady. Her love of nice jewelry and sexy clothing only emphasizes her sexy looks.

Getty Images

Getty Images

Number Two: Kim Hall

Even looking at this lady will give you the impression that she’s built for the game. She loves to put on a cap and a nice top and then top it off with a calm look on her face. She’s clearly a beautiful woman.

Number One: Blair O’Neal

Looking at Blair could make your heart beat faster. She’s an incredible woman both in looks and in the game. You should see her in her beach holiday mode. This lady is a true beauty! Thanks for reading!

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