Die Antwoord: Top 6 Most Outrageous Music Videos


Die Antwoord, the South African hip-hop duo of Ninja and Yo-Landi Ve$$er, is no stranger to outrageous and weird music videos. On top of the already questionable language in their music (and I’m not talking about their use of the Afrikaans or Xhosa languages they intersperse with English), their videos contain kinky sex, penises, people dressed as animals, gun violence, blood, blackface and lots of dirt and rats. Here are six of Die Antwoord’s most outrageous music videos, some of which are guaranteed to give you nightmares.

Number Six: Cookie Thumper

The video for “Cookie Thumper” doesn’t seem that outrageous at first, just a girl meeting up with a guy she hasn’t seen in a while who had been in jail for gun possession. However, you quickly learn that this is a convict, drug dealer, “bad, bad man” taking advantage of a young orphan girl who has a school girl crush on him. Throughout the video there’s foreshadowing to something bad to come. The first scene after the music comes in features dancers with bags over their heads in a dirty basement room, who eventually put a bag over Yo-Landi’s head as well. The bad man’s snake eyes are also extremely creepy and foreboding. At the end, after the insinuated rape, the fear in her eyes says it all. Outside of the plot, Yo-Landi freely urinates on the stairs…ew!

Number Five: Ugly Boy

This cameo-filled video features a nearly nude Dita Von Teese, a one-eyed Jack Black, a painted Cara Delevingne shooting a gun filled with blood and a bleeding Marilyn Manson, as well as Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist Flea, a guy in clown make-up, a girl bleeding out of her eyes and mouth, and a man in blackface wearing a sweatshirt that reads “Hello My Name is God.” Also, those alien-like contacts Yo-Landi and Ninja of Die Antwoord are wearing are extremely creepy and vacant-looking.

Number Four: I Fink U Freaky

The weirdest parts of this video include Yo-Landi laying on a bed with rats and arms and legs coming out from the sides touching her, the bathtub scenes with the Yo-Landi wearing the alien contacts and Ninja’s literal and figurative snake. Also, the amount of eye contact Die Antwoord and the dancers make with the camera is quite unsettling.

Number Three: Die Antwoord – Pitbull Terrier

Now we’re getting into the real weird stuff. In “Pitbull Terrier,” Ninja is made up to look like a very creepy, vicious half-pit bull, half-human creature who gets loose and mauls people and Yo-Landi, covered in white paint with a pentagram on her forehead stops him from attacking his half-cat, half-human dancers. The pit bull man runs after her until she stops and he gets hit by a bus. This brings about a demonic woman covered in blood and long black hair cackling creepily. Finally, seeing the pit bull man lying in a pool of blood, Yo-Landi flips him over and spits in his mouth and he becomes Ninja again. Yeah, weird.

Number Two: Evil Boy

This video goes for the scare factor right away with a monster popping out from behind some boxes in a dirty room. After that, the song, about the touchy subject of ritual tribal circumcision, and video get blue pretty quickly. First of all, this video mainly takes place in a room full of penises and one of the first images is Ninja with a very large erection. Then you have guest rapper Wanga, who also has an erection in some of the scenes, rapping about his penis and not getting circumcised at the bush (making him an “evil boy for life”) in Xhosa (a tribal language native to Cape Town, South Africa). If you don’t understand what he is saying, no problem, since his rap is translated into English at the bottom of the screen. Next you have Yo-Landi practically raping Diplo (who produced the track) and him getting an erection while she gets naked. Even weirder, she has eyes for nipples. Finally, Ninja sings into a very long, fake, gold penis near the end of the video. I get that the subject matter of this song is quite serious, but this video is so in-your-face with the sexuality that it is borderline disgusting.

Number One: Fatty Boom Boom

What makes the video for “Fatty Boom Boom” so weird and outrageous is the intensity cause by the quick jump cuts and shear randomness of it. When the music comes in, Yo-Landi gets right in your face going a mile-a-minute in head to toe black body paint and dollar sign contacts. It is, quite frankly, the stuff of nightmares. There is also a Lady Gaga impersonator wearing a less meaty version of the infamous meat dress who offers a break from the intensity of the performance scenes, but ups the grossness and randomness factors. First, she goes into a gynecologist to get a cockroach taken out of her vagina, then she gets mauled and eaten by a lion on the street. Thank you for reading our list of six outrageous Die Antwoord music videos. We hope you enjoyed it.