Top 6 Wildest Sex Stories of All Time

Human beings can get down to some seriously strange antics, especially when it comes to sex. From strange fetishes to crazy experiments, some people really know how to spice up their sex life. So we asked some women to share their wackiest sex stories and we hit the jackpot in our collection of literotica. We will share the six best of them with you.

Number Six: Off-limits

Keira, 25, says that she met a really good looking guy online who seemed normal at first. But soon after they started talking, he asked if he could go through the back door! When she refused, he asked, ‘Why not?’ It was her first date! The rest of the time, he just talked about her ass. He apologized a bit after, but Keira wouldn’t have any of it, and so, she ran.

Number Five: Number One

Ashley was once asked by her ex boyfriend if she would pee on him during sex. Yes, urinating. She said she could never look at him the same way. Also, Sheena was asked by her ex boyfriend if he could pee inside her. What’s with these men and urine?!

Number Four: King Kong wants in too

So Jen decides to take it to the next level with her friend of many years. They have a little too much to drink one night and she ends up at his place kissing and fooling around. The clothes come off and the guy, a gym rat, is a Greek God under them. It’s all hot and steamy until he starts grunting. Jen tries to ignore it until he actually starts shaking his head from side to side and rolls his shoulders around. He says, ‘Yeah bro!’ and bangs on his chest! Jen collects her clothes and runs for her life.

Number Three: Armpit is not an erogenous zone!

Helena dumped her high school hook-up for licking her armpits while they were fooling around. He did that on purpose too! Dealbreaker for sure!

Number Two: My hero!! Not!!

Twenty-year old Ann was freaked out when a guy blindfolded her for a ‘birthday surprise’ and then reappeared in a full body Lycra Spider-Man suit. How is that sexy?!

Number  One: Stuffed squirrel shall be watching you…and judging too!

Vicky went to the place of an adorable friend of a friend who was cute, funny and really romantic. When she goes to his apartment after a dance night, she finds out the one thing he didn’t tell her- he was into taxidermy! And we are not talking about a stuffed moose. Since he lives in New York and the apartments are small, he placed his ‘stuffed squirrel’ on his fireplace mantle. It was just staring at her creepily. She ran for the hills as anyone would.