Oral Sex: Top 7 Most Common Misconceptions


Oral sex refers to engaging in sexual actions and stimulating the genitals via the use of one’s mouth, and that includes one’s tongue, teeth, throat and the oral cavity. It is generally used in foreplay but can be done as an independent sexual activity or even after intercourse. Studies show that 20% to 50% of people have done it prior to having intercourse. Here we will address the top seven misconceptions about oral sex that people just make up.

Number Seven: Having Oral Sex Means Losing Virginity

This depends on how you define virginity itself. Some people believe that penetration in the vagina is the only way one loses virginity while other more staunch believers think that oral and anal sex both also end virginity. Thus, if you are concerned about this one, you must first ask yourself what virginity means to you.

Number Six: There Is No Risk Of Getting An STD

Oral sex can lead to HIV transmission and other STDs. It is not usual but it is not impossible either. One can cut down the risk by using condoms on penis and dental dams for vulva stimulation.

Number Five: Semen can prevent acne

There is no scientific proof for this one. Someone has yet to find out the correlation between facials and prevention of acne.

Number Four: It Can Cause Pregnancy

The semen cannot make its way to the uterus through the mouth. Hence, there is no way it can make one pregnant even if the woman swallows the semen. However, STDs can be caused.

Number Three: Swallowing semen is harmful

Though it doesn’t anything like a gourmet dish, semen does not cause any health problems provided your partner does not have an STD.

Number Two: It cannot Make One Come

Some studies have shown that women orgasm more or faster through oral sex rather than penetrative sex. Men also say that penetration is not the only way to a climax.

Number  One: It is unhygienic any which way

Though the act entails taking your partner’s genitals in your mouth, it does not have to be completely filthy. If both the partners showered beforehand and someone’s mouth is not ridden with bacteria, then oral sex can be a delightful and clean experience.