Top 8 Hottest Female Olympians of All Time

Top 8 Hottest Female Olympians of All Time

Being an Olympian in the first place already makes you extremely attractive. However, with the looks to match it is most definitely an added bonus. From amazing technical skills and extreme motivation to killer bodies and shining confidence, Olympians just have that special something. Plus it doesn’t hurt that the clothing worn leaves nothing to the imagination. Here are eight of the hottest female Olympians of all time.

Number Eight: Hope Solo

The goalkeeper for the USA national soccer team, Solo is often regarded as the best in the world. Taking her team to world cup glory and snagging two Olympic gold medals, the brown-haired beauty also plays in the National Women’s soccer league. Hope also participated in the ever popular Dancing With the Stars, showing that as well as her ball skills she can also bust a move or two.

Number Seven: Nadia Comaneci

Holding the honor of becoming the first female gymnast to earn a perfect score, Romanian-born Comaneci won three gold medals during the 1976 summer Olympics. Four years later and she won two more, bringing gymnastics to the mainstream around the world. With a killer body that can bend in all shapes and sizes, Nadia is a force to be reckoned with.

Number Six: Laure Manaudou

French fancy Laure Manadou became a household name during the 2004 Athens Olympics, gaining a gold in swimming and becoming the first female Frenchie to do so. Not satisfied with that, luscious Laure wanted one of each and went on to win a silver and bronze to add to her collection. By far one of the hottest Olympians around, Manaudou is beloved by her native country and admired across the world. As far as the hottest female Olympians go, Laure Manaudou is up there.

Number Five: Kim Glass

Volleyball extraordinaire Kim Glass wowed audiences during the 2008 Beijing Olympics. With her long legs (she’s an almighty 6’3″) and super strength, Glass helped lead the squad to a silver medal. With the pins of a supermodel, she apparently tried out for America’s Next Top Model but was rejected five times. Their loss!

Number Four: Jessica Ennis-Hill

English rose Jessica stunned home crowds during her astonishing turn in the 2012 London Olympics. After missing the games 4 years earlier, Ennis came back with a vengeance, destroying all other competitors and gaining gold in the heptathlon. With a stomach that you could grate cheese on, Ennis looks as if she’s been carved by Michelangelo himself. A total goddess.

Number Three: Gabriela Sabatini

Winning silver at the 1988 Olympics in Seoul, Tennis babe Gabriela went on to further glory at Wimbledon and the US open. Smelling as good as she looks, Sabatini also has her own line of fragrances. Success never smelled so good.

Number Two: One of the Hottest Female Olympians – Katarina Witt

German figure skater Katarina has two gold Olympic medals, as well as a number of other accolades. Often regarded as the most successful figure skater of all time, Witt once dipped her ice skate into Playboy, posing nude to rave reviews. The pictures, in particular, were so popular that the issue sold out, only the second time in the history of the magazine to do so. And the first time? A little-known starlet named Marilyn Monroe.

Number One: Leryn Franco

A former Olympian and pretty Paraguayan, Leryn certainly knows her way around a pole – a javelin, that is. Specializing in the javelin throw, Franco set many records, especially in the South American Championships. Recently retiring as an athlete, Leryn is now a model and part-time actress and was once runner-up in Miss Universo Paraguay!

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