Shakira: Top 9 Sexiest Song Lyrics

Shakira is best known for her sexy dance moves, with her belly dancing abilities proving that her “Hips Don’t Lie.” Her music is just as sexy as her moves. Whether it is with a pop-y love song like “Whenever, Wherever” and “Hips Don’t Lie,” or ballads like “Underneath Your Clothes,” the Columbian songstress’ music embraces sexuality through melody and lyric. Here are just nine examples of Shakira’s sexiest song lyrics.

Number Nine: Whenever, Wherever

Lyric: “Lucky that my lips not only mumble/ They spill kisses like a fountain/ Lucky that my breasts are small and humble/ So you don’t confuse them with mountains.” Shakira’s debut Engilsh-language single introduced the United States to the singer’s Latin pop vocals and slight yodel, grabbing people’s attention. The sexiest thing about this song, other than its video, are the lyrics, which are pretty explicitly about sex. As you can read, she even talks about her breasts.

Number Eight: Shakira – Empire

Lyric: “Like the empires of the world unite/ We are alive/ And the stars make love to the universe/ You’re my wildfire every single night… And I’m like, And I’m like.” One of Shakira’s harder-rocking songs, this song is about two world’s colliding in love and passion. As she sings “And I’m like,” the song climaxes into a swell of “oohs,” seemingly feigning sex sounds.

Number Seven: Hips Don’t Lie

Lyric: “And I’m on tonight/ You know my hips don’t lie/ And I am starting to feel it boy/ Come on let’s go, real slow/ Don’t you see baby asi es perfecto.” This song sounds like it is about her dance moves, and it is, but it’s also about seduction. If you listen closely, the words depict someone watching someone dance and being really turned on by it.

Number Six: Underneath Your Clothes

Lyric: “Underneath your clothes/ There’s an endless story/ There’s the man I chose/ And there’s my territory/ And all the things I deserve/ For being such a good girl honey.” This love song is pretty sexy in its slowed down grace. As Shakira sings about how this man has changed her, she is also making it apparent that she wants to do more with him. This sentiment is reflected in both the lyrics and the melody.

Number Five: Give It Up to Me

Lyric: “Got this she wolf appetite/ That keeps me up all night/ You know the way it works/ Don’t be afraid to ask// Aim high when the target is low/ FYI I am ready to go/ People say men are just like kids/ Never saw a kid behave like this.” All she wants to do in this song is to give her lover anything he wants. This also means sex, apparently, as she always seems “ready to go.”

Number Four: She Wolf

Lyric: “Moon’s awake now, with eyes wide open/ My body is craving, so feed the hungry.” While the sexiest part of this song is the video, the lyrics don’t slouch in that department either. Instead of being sexy, she is craving sex and her inner “she wolf” is coming out so she can find it wherever possible.

Number Three: Rabiosa

Lyric: “If you like it mocha/ Come get a little closer/ And bite me en la boca.” This line is a seductive little invitation to kiss her. As the line gets repeated by both Shakira and Pitbull numerous times, it’s pretty clear that they are “rabidly” looking for more.

Number Two: Why Wait

Lyric: “One more night with you / I won’t think it through/ Time’s money but you knew/ There’s nothing in the world you can think of that I won’t do to you. // Drowning in your sweat/ Till I drench my clothes/ You’ve seen nothing yet/ Wait till you let go.” In this track, she comes on very bluntly, that she is so seduced that she will actually do anything to this guy. The second verse is filled with dripping sweat and promises that she’s not done yet.

Number One: Long Time

Lyric: “Hold me/ Show me all the talent G-d has given you/ I want us thinking outside the box (all night long)/ Just keep on going.” Many of the verses in this song have Shakira complimenting her lover on his “talent” in bed and to “keep going.” Aside from his G-d-given talent, he also has great “stamina and technique.” Thank you for ready our list of the top 9 sexiest Shakira songs. We hope you enjoyed it!