Top 7 Discreet Sex Toys for Men

Sex toys for women are getting more functional and chic these days, and they are being considered sexy too. Male sex toys, not so much. But good news for you boys out there is that better times lay ahead. The male sex toymakers have begun to understand why most men shy away from buying these toys – they look like sex toys! Thus, stealth is very important here. Following are the top seven discreet male sex toys that men would just love!

Number Seven: The Flesh Light Sex Toys

It is a torch on the outside and a vagina on the inside. You can unscrew the base of it to increase or decrease the suction. It is generally very soft and a high quality flesh light will give the same sensation as penetration.

Top 11 Sex Toys for Men (Part 2)

Number Six: The Tenga Range

These are Japanese vending machine sex toys and certainly don’t look it. It has a built-in reservoir for lube and the clinging sensation as that of a vagina is achieved via free transfer of air pressure amongst 34 chambers of air cushion. Sad thing is that they are disposable if you don’t wear a condom and are quite pricey.

Number Five: The Tenga Flip Hole

This is the reusable Tenga and is often touted as the best male masturbator in the market. It is undetectable and good for 50 goes. It is also pretty easy to clean.

Number Four: The Autoblow 2

This bad boy provides a blowjob that lasts forever…or until the batteries last. One just needs to pull down one’s pants and then slip one’s penis into ‘the mouth’. Sit back and enjoy as you unload in the product, which is very easy to clean.

Number Three: Vice Prostate Massager

If you are into prostate milking, then this massager is for you. It is a silicone vibrating model by Aneros and provides a firm grip that touches your gland just the right way.

Number Two: Piu

Piu is perfect for masturbation on the go. Just add lube, put your penis in and enjoy hands-free masturbation using arrows to control different levels of vibration.

Number One: Tenga Eggs

These ‘eggs’ wrap around your penis like a condom and provide just the best stimulation. They are great for masturbation and are disposable. There are six different sleeves to choose from.