Top 10 Sex Toys In The World

Sex toys have come a long way, for both men and women. They have become more chic, functional, discreet and well, powerful. Here, we list the top ten heroes in the world of sex toys who have changed the lives of millions of their customers.

Number Ten: Magic Wand Rechargeable

The new Magic Wand means that you are no longer stuck to a wall. You can enjoy the rumbly vibrations anywhere you like. It is lighter and also quieter.

Number Nine: Lelo Tara Sex Toy

Lelo Tara is a couple’s massager designed so that it can be worn during intercourse or during solo fun. It has external vibrations for the stimulation of the clitoris and a gently rotating shaft that massages the G-spot. It is a complete orgasm heaven.

Number Eight: Eva Sex Toy

Eva is a hands free vibrator for women.  You do not have to tuck it in your panties or strap it on. Simply tuck the arms under your labia and put the motor on your clitoris. It is also a sex toy that is rechargeable with USB.

Number Seven: Picobong Transformer

The Picobong transformer has two vibrators on each end. That means that this sex toy can act as a clitoral massager, a vibrator, G-spot stimulator, cock-ring, prostate massager and many more things. It’s up to your creativity how you use this thing for your pleasure.

Number Six: Spartacus Nipple Clamps

These nipple clamps come with a leather collar that will fit any neck size. The clamps have just the right amount tension for both pain and pleasure.

Number Five: The Flesh Light

This is a real bad boy in disguise. A flash light on the outside and an artificial vagina on the inside, this sex toy comes with various attachments. You can stick it on the shower wall too.

Top 11 Sex Toys for Men (Part 2)

 Number Four: The ‘I Rub My Duckie’

This is a vibrator shaped like a rubber ducky. Be discreet about your sex toys when you live with others.

Number Three: Pipedream Extreme Fuck Me Silly 2 Sex Toy

This is a male sex toy that includes a set of tits and a pussy. You can play with it just like you would with a real girl. It is a torso of a female with 36-DD breasts and a tight vagina.

Number Two: Screaming O Balm Stick Sex Toy

This portable and obviously easy to hide lip balm is actually a vibrator. Who knew how small they could make them!

Number One: Fifty Shades of Grey Submit to Me – Beginner’s kit

The name says it all. If you want to try bondage with your partner, then this kit has everything you need. It also looks very beautiful.