The Female Orgasm: Top 8 Most Common Misconceptions

The Female Orgasm: Top 8 Most Common Misconceptions

The female orgasm can be a confusing subject for men and women alike, and we are here to finally debunk any of the myths you might have heard. There are tons of misconceptions that people commonly have about sex, and now it’s time to learn the truth. Read on to discover the surprising misunderstandings about the female orgasm!

Number Eight: Women Can’t Get Off from Anal

Not true. Anatomically speaking, anyone can get off from anal penetration. Many people often assume that only men are able to do this, because the prostate allows for extra sensitivity. Although, some women have even been known to prefer this type of intercourse.

Number Seven: Everyone Can Get Off from Normal Intercourse

Many women have come to believe that not getting off from normal, penetrative sex makes them some kind of weirdo. However, this occurrence is more common than you might assume. If you can’t get off from normal intercourse, you are definitely not alone. In fact, about 70% of women have this problem.

Number Six: Women Don’t Get Sleepy After Orgasms

Orgasms affect everyone differently, regardless of gender. Both men and women have been known to get a sort of energy boost from sexual satisfaction, and both men and women have been known to get sleepy from it. There is no gender stereotype for these reactions, and orgasms are often used by both genders to help fall asleep.

Number Five: Getting Her Off Means She’s Going to Want to Cuddle

Like cuddling is so bad? But no, everyone is different; cuddling is a natural craving for both genders after intimate activity. However, the nature of the interaction may change these wants. There is no scientific backing to the claim that women want to cuddle more than men after sex. Both men and women alike may feel the desire to cuddle, or to not be touched at all. It’s all personal preference.

Number Four: You Can’t Have More Than One Female Orgasm

Definitely not true. Women are more likely than men to experience multiple orgasms at once, but not every woman is capable of doing so. For the lucky ones who can, it is due to a shorter refractory period in which they “recharge”. This can also be affected by how long the sex lasts, and how much stimulation is experienced. The more stimulation, the more likely it will happen again.

Number Three: Women Won’t Get Off in a One-Night Stand

Woah ho ho, no- let’s nip this stereotype in the bud right here. Everyone has their personal preferences, and, just like some men, some women actually prefer non-intimate sex. Physically speaking, the nature of the sex often has nothing to do with the results of satisfaction. Although, if you are experiencing problems with this, it is usually a result of not being completely comfortable with a new partner.

Number Two: It Takes Forever

People often assume that women can’t have “quickies”, because arousal takes too much time. This is true in many women, but not all. Some women are known to get off much quicker than others, especially if they are already aroused. To master the art of female “quickies”, being turned on before intercourse will always help significantly.

Number One: Squirting Isn’t Real

Some women do and some women don’t, but it is definitely an extremely real possibility. And no, just because some women don’t have the ability, doesn’t mean that women who can are really just peeing. This reaction is caused by quite a bit of pressure applied to the G-spot, or prostate femina, and will usually only produce an ounce or two of ejaculatory fluid. To reassure you, most women can’t even pee while aroused. We hope you enjoyed our list of the top eight most common misconceptions about the female orgasm!

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