Top 10 Sexiest Female Sportscasters That’ll Make You Drool

Top 10 Sexiest Female Sportscasters That’ll Make You Drool

It’s true: You’ll not run into an ugly sportscaster, especially a lady, and that’s why we felt the need to cheer you up with this article presenting the 10 sexiest female sportscasters currently in the field. These are the sexiest ladies who present the news about sports and what’s cooking in the sports world.

Number Ten: Sarah Spain

By all accounts, this beautiful lady is lively. She entertains as a columnist at ESPN and as a guest host on ESPN 1000 in Chicago. Sarah is also an anchor on SportsCenter.

Number Nine: Samantha Ponder

She was formerly known as Samantha Steel. With an unmatched wit, Samantha works as a sideline host and reporter for ESPN College basketball and football. On ESPNU, she co-hosts College Gameday in the morning. She certainly looks good with a microphone!

Number Eight: Jenn Brown

The lady’s full name is Jennifer Lynne Brown, and she has a killer smile. With March 23, 1981, as her birthday, Jenn is still doing great as a model, producer, TV host, and sportscaster.

Number Seven: Melissa Stark

She joined NBC in 2003, but now she reports for the NFL Network. It doesn’t take a genius to take one look at Melissa and declare her beautiful. You should see her at work!

Number Six: Molly Qerim

If this lady dons a dress, you won’t take your eyes off her. She works for the NFL Network as a reporter and also hosts the Monday show, NFL AM. She’s also the host of the MFL Fantasy Live.

Number Five: Charissa Thompson

Miss Charissa Thompson works for NBC and Fox Sports 1 as a sportscaster. She co-hosts Extra and Fox Sports Live. Charissa is the real epitome of sexiness!

Number Four: Heidi Watney

The MLB network should give thanks for having such a beauty as their sportscaster. Heidi is a graduate of the University of San Diego, and she once worked for the New England Sports Network.

Number Three: Erin Andrews

This striking damsel works for Fox Sports as the host of Fox College Football. Erin is also a TV personality and journalist, and that puts her in a great position as the host of Dancing With The Stars airing on ABC.

Number Two: One of the Sexiest Female Sportscasters – Sara Carbonero

She’s a Spanish presenter and sports journalist working for Telecinco. Sara is really gorgeous, and footballer (goalkeeper) Iker Casillas seems to have noticed that. They’ve got something going on between them!

Number One: Melanie Collins

The damsel is gaining some real media traction as one of the sexiest and youngest faces on television. She’s an entertainment and sports host. She has a thing for swimming, and her bikini choices are top-notch! Thanks for reading our list of the sexiest female sportscasters!

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