Top 7 Sexiest Female Athletes in the WNBA

Top 7 Sexiest Female Athletes in the WNBA

Sure, the NBA has some pretty attractive players. But have you seen the WNBA’s sexiest female athletes? I would argue that these hot ladies create much more of a stir than the hottest male athletes in the NBA. Don’t believe me? Here are the top seven sexiest female athletes in the WNBA. See if you don’t change your mind by the time you’re done reading.

Number Seven: The Sexiest Female Athletes, Skylar Diggins

Skylar Diggins looks good on and off the court. A point she proved in numerous magazines, including a spread in Sports Illustrated. Don’t know what she looks like? Google it. You’ll be happy you did.

Number Six: Erin Phillips

This blond bombshell had many hearts racing after appearing in a sexy lingerie photoshoot spread in Alpha. Don’t let the blond hair and curves for days fool you though, this girl can handle her own on the court.

Number Five: Jennifer Lacy

Although she is mostly a bench warmer, Jennifer Lacy is one of the sexiest female athletes in the league. Her perfect pout just begs to be kissed, but don’t get your hopes up. She’s probably not into you.

Number Four: Leilani Mitchell

Leilani is as cute as her name is pretty. This adorable athlete may not be the hottest player, but she’s definitely the one you’d want to bring home to mom.

Number Three: Swin Cash

The elegant amazon, Swin Cash, definitely tops this list for her ability to loosen up in front of the camera. Totally serious on the courts, she transforms into an ethereal being in front of the camera. And an extraordinarily beautiful one at that.

Number Two: Elena Delle Donne

This stunning blond is by far one of the sexiest female athletes in the WNBA. With legs for days and a symmetrical face, it’s easy to see why fans go crazy over this baller.

Number One: Candace Parker

Oh, Candace Parker. You’ve done so much not only for the WNBA and women’s basketball, but you were also only the second woman to dunk in an WNBA game. As if that weren’t enough, she also happens to be the sexiest athlete on the court with looks that could kill.

If you’ve been drooling over the NBA players, it’s time to change the channel and check out what the WNBA ladies have to offer. These stunning athletes have the looks and bodies to match their talent.

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