Sex: Top 7 Disturbing Facts You Didn’t Know

Sex is an endlessly fascinating subject. Although many of us received an education on it in class and have some real life experience on the topic, there’s still a lot to learn. Some of the facts may actually surprise and even disturb you! Here are some of the weirdest sex facts that you were not aware of.

Number Seven: The Female Orgasm is Designed for Pregnancy

The pulsing tremors that occur post-climax for a woman may be pleasurable, but that is not their sole purpose. The rhythmic contractions are intened to gather sperm into the cervix.

Number Six: Shaving ‘Down There’ Makes You More Likely to Contract an STD

The hair is there for protection, serving as a sort of guard. If you shave it off, you’re at a higher risk of spreading an infection or catching one yourself. Maybe natural is the way to go, afterall.

Number Five: The Level of Sperm Counts are a Quarter of What They Once Were

A century ago, men had much higher sperm counts than they do now. They also had a lot more testosterone, leading one to wonder what is causing this.

Number Four: Multiple Popes Have Died in the Middle of Sex

Four to be exact. I didn’t even know popes had sex in the first place, let alone this.

Number Three: Adults are More Likely to Lie While in Bed

For some reason, post-sex pillow talk is not the most honest form of communication. Something about this vulnerable space-sharing makes people want to lie to their partners.

Number Two: Fat Men have More Endurance than Thin Ones

There have been studies conducted that prove that overweight men take a lot longer to ejaculate than thin men. A bit disturbing, but true.

Number One: Educated White Females have the Most Anal Sex

According to research conducted with the purpose of finding out which group has the most sex up the rear, it’s educated white women. This is pretty surprising, since most people would probably guess that gay men would top the list. We hope you found this article interesting and informative. Thanks for reading our list.