Top 8 Discreet Sex Toys for Women

Sex toys for females have come a very long way. You now have the ability to hide what they really are by posing them as everyday objects. They may be a lipstick tube, a loofah or even a compact mirror. Who knows what that new piece of jewelry that bombshell at work keeps wearing, is actually for? Do not flinch. There are so many more discreet sex toys that might just change your life. Below we have listed the top eight of them.

Number Eight: The Vesper Sex Toy

Crave has made the Vesper that doubles as a necklace and a vibrator. This bullet shaped silver plated necklace looks like an ordinary pendant but is actually used for penetration.

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Number Seven: The Make Me Over

This is a vibrator that resembles an ordinary compact blush. It is safe to carry in a purse and it even has a mirror!

Number Six: Cupcake Vibrator – Yes, It’s a Sex Toy

It looks like an innocent kiddie toy from afar in the shape of a cupcake. But when you turn it on, it is a pretty powerful vibrator. It can fit in your palm too.

Number Five: The Duet Sex Toy

This is a vibrator for the lady tech geeks. It is a USB style vibrator which is very quiet and can be charged in a USB port.

Top 11 Sex Toys for Men (Part 2)

 Number Four: The ‘I Rub My Duckie’

It is a vibrator in the shape of a rubber ducky. It is perfect if you live with others and want to be discreet about your sex toy.

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Number Three: Vibrating Panties

A relatively old invention but innovated for newer times, the vibrating panties are a great way to hide a sex toy. It comes complete with a wireless remote so you can get off whenever you like.

Number Two: Screaming O O Balm Stick Sex Toy

With this little bad boy, no one will know that your innocent looking lip balm has another function too- it vibrates! It is portable and very easy to hide.

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Number One: Duo Ben Wa Balls

These velvet balls are magical when it comes to helping tone your pelvic muscles with a little thrill. Time to exercise right away!