6 Reasons Why Chocolate Is Better Than Sex


Since time began the world has been obsessed with sex. A constant infatuation has evolved over the years that forces the idea that sex is the key to success. Our lives revolve around sex, our work and our social endeavors. But why? Why is sex so important to us? Why do we feel that out of every single thing in the world. Sex is the most important, the best and the most satisfying act that a human being could possibly do. So what could be better than sex? Surely nothing! Well there is and it’s chocolate. Here are six reasons why chocolate is better than sex.

Number Six: Chocolate Will Always Go The Distance

The best thing about chocolate is that it will last for as long as you want it to. No more finishing first or pretending to be done. You can be as selfish as you like with no reasons to feel guilty or upset. All in all you will always be 100% satisfied. Achieving 100% fulfillment and 100% gratification.

Number Five: You Are Never Too Young Or Too Old

The best thing about chocolate is that you never have to wait. You don’t need to feel ready, or feel like you need to find the right one to do it with. Plus you won’t feel that stigma attached with people start saying you are too old to indulge. Chocolate will always be acceptable at any age.

Number Four: The Positions Of Chocolate Are Endless

From milkshakes to cookies. Chocolate bars to ice cream. The positions involved with this sweet little choco seed are limitless. Every day new ideas are thought of and tried out. With each one just as exotic and flamboyant as the next. No matter what your try, with an infinite amount of attempts it will always taste fantastic.

Number Three: It Will Always Have A Special Place In Your Heart

The world of one night stands and casual sex doesn’t exist with chocolate. With every piece cementing it’s way into your heart and into your love forever. With chocolate there is no worry or angst. It won’t dump and dive nor will it come on too strong. Forever fermenting that special place in your love encrusted ticker.

Number Two: You Don’t Need To Fake It

We all recognize that sound you make when you devour a bar of chocolate. Or that satisfying moan when gorging 3 slices of chocolate cake. Those noises arent faked. Nor are they meant to sound like they are. Firstly why would you want to fake it? And secondly even you wanted to it would be entirely impossible to do so. Chocolate is so undeniably amazing that every nose and sound made is completely honest.

Number One: There Is Never A Chance That It Won’t Be Good

No matter what the flavor, the color or even the consistency. Chocolate will always, always be good. It won’t let you down last minute, waiting to call you to reschedule. It won’t cheat on you or run off with someone else. Yet most of all it won’t disappoint. Making you happy with every mouthful asking no questions and telling no lies. And that even goes for Turkish Delight!