8 Reasons Why You Should Reconsider Circumcision

8 Reasons Why You Should Reconsider Circumcision


Circumcision is considered “normal” in America, but what if it isn’t as normal as we think? Did you know that most of the world does not participate in this practice? Here are some reasons why, if you have a baby boy, you should reconsider getting him circumcised.

Number Eight: There is NO Medical Reason or Benefit

People in Asia or European countries are often shocked to hear that circumcision is a routine operation in the USA. People from these parts of the world (where 90% are uncircumcised) suffer no bad consequences as a result of keeping their foreskins intact.

Number Seven: Circumcision is Becoming Less and Less Common

You may be afraid that your son will get, as they say, “laughed at in the locker room”, but times are changing. In 1981, over 80% of boys were circumcised, and that number has dropped drastically. Today, only 55% of boys are circumcised, because people are realizing it’s pointless.

Number Six: The Foreskin Provides Protection

Your son’s foreskin would provide a protective layer over the sensitive head of his penis. This skin is there for a reason. It wasn’t an evolutionary mistake.

Number Five: You Would be Decreasing Your Son’s Pleasure Potential

The foreskin is full of nerve endings. When you cut this off, you are reducing your son’s sensitivity by up to 40%! This is a choice he should make on his own, if he decides he wants it as an adult.

Number Four: It’s Not a Hassle to Clean the Foreskin

Folk tales and rumors would have you believe that bacteria is a danger for uncut penises, but that’s not true. It only takes a few seconds longer to wash than a circumcised penis.

Number Three: It’s Permanent, and Your Son May Regret It

Since it is a choice that is made for many baby boys, they don’t get a say. Your son might grow up to resent the fact that you decided to remove a part of him that he never wanted gone.

Number Two: Painful and Risky

Inflicting this much pain on a newborn baby is cruel, traumatic, and completely nonsensical. Although many people claim that the child will “not remember it”, intense pain has a psychological effect on people of all ages, whether they directly remember the trauma or not.

Number One: UTIs or Diseases are Just as Common in Uncircumcised Men

Removing the foreskin offers no extra protection against these ailments. Thanks for reading our article, and I hope you have reconsidered this subject.

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