First-Time Sex: Top 7 Common Misconceptions

Of all the sexual experiences that you can have in your life. By far the one that has spawned the most tales is when you do the dastardly deed for the first time. With sex protruding from every vessel, including television, film and especially in advertising. It can be easy to blur the lines between those awfully twisted lies and the golden halo of the truth. So to help clear up those myths and unanswered questions. Here are the top 7 common misconceptions of first time sex.

Number Seven: You Can’t Get Pregnant

A rumor that has circulated since time began. We’ve all heard it, and we’ve all wondered even for a split second if it were true. Although you may think that the odds on getting pregnant the first time you have sex are astronomical, then you are wrong. It is sadly just as easy to get up the duff as any other time you take a roll between the sheets.

Number Six: It Really Hurts

With horror stories differentiating from one person to the next. Tales so terrifying that it could put any first timer off sex for the rest of their lives. Don’t worry! Everybody’s first time is completely different. From slight pain to feeling nothing. The only thing that is important is that you are comfortable and you feel relaxed. The more at ease you are the more you will enjoy this wonderful experience rather than unnecessarily dreading it.

Number Five: You Won’t Get A Sexually Transmitted Disease

Just like the rumor of not getting pregnant. It is still highly possible that you can contract an STD from having unprotected sex. This is why you should always partake in safe sex especially if you have no knowledge of your partners previous sexual record. And if they are a virgin too? Sorry to say but some STD’s have a nasty habit of just turning up out of the blue. With no previous background whatsoever. So remember kids! Safe sex!

Number Four: It Will Always Be Amazing

Again sorry to break it to you but sex just isn’t always that great. It takes a while to get in the swing of things. Finding out what you like and don’t like is actually something positive rather than negative. So don’t feel confused or worried if you don’t orgasm straight away or even feel as if you are enjoying it. Just go with the flow and remember communication is key in getting exactly what you want.

Number Three: You Should Lose Your Virginity As Soon As It Is Legal To Do So

With so much pressure these days on losing your virginity. It can be hard to ignore the people telling you when and how you should lose it. In fact the average age that a person loses their virginity is way older than you would imagine. And in most cases the people who are so obsessed with talking about it probably haven’t even done it in the first place. Remember, it is your body and your decision.

Number Two: There Will Be Blood

Although It can happen usually due to the breaking of the hymen (a thick layer covering the opening of the vagina) it is extremely likely that it won’t. With images conjured up of masses of blood and Carrie like scenes, it couldn’t be further from the truth. Plus many people find that they broke their Hymen long before sex ever came into the picture with bike riding and horse riding becoming a popular way to do so. It’s all coming back to you now huh?!

Number: One: Sex Is Serious

Yes it is advised to have sex with someone that you care about deeply or maybe even love. However everybody is different with the only important thing being that you are completely sure. Whether it be a boyfriend/girlfriend, pal or even a one night stand. As long as you are comfortable and you know that 100% of what you are doing is your own choice then however you make the plunge is entirely up to you. Good luck!