Beginners Guide to Anal Sex: Top 5 Tips

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Venturing into a new sexual exploration can be extremely sensual but also exceptionally nerve wrecking. With anal sex one of the last taboos of the sexual world. People tend to stray away from discussing it at the water cooler. However anal sex is just as normal and ordinary as the next. So if you want to get down with the brown but have always been to afraid to ask. Then here are 5 tips to get you started.

Number Five: Communication

Above all the number one most important rule with regards to anal sex is communication. Talking to your partner and finding out what the other wants is key to a fulfilling and sensual experience. The more relaxed you are the better it is going to feel.

Number Four: Foreplay And Anal Sex

Like with most sex it is important to not dive right in there. Partake in a little foreplay to get you in the mood. Before you embark on poking the pink it is better that you are highly aroused and extremely turned on. This also helps with the relaxation aspects.

Number Three: Lube

Plenty of lube is necessary. No seriously. Without lube you are in for a somewhat questionable experience. Luckily there are plenty of choices to wet your appetite from water-based lubricants to extra cold. All beneficial for that maximum ease.

Number Two: Be Safe!

No matter what the situation using a condom is always the safest option and a must when having anal sex. With the anus being a lot more susceptible to the spread of disease. It makes no different how clean you are. Bacteria and other nasties are extremely prominent. And never in under any circumstances use the same condom twice, especially if you want to take a ride elsewhere.

Number One: Expect A Bit Of Pain

Of course it is going to hurt, especially at the beginning. But the amount of pain is under your control. If it is bone crushingly painful then you are doing it wrong. And you haven’t listened to any of the key tips above. Just remember to go with it. Embrace the slight discomfort and pause when you need to. You will soon find out the pleasurable aspects to it rather than the terror you had originally anticipated. Good luck!