Top 7 Oral Sex Positions For Men And Women

Oral sex. The supporting act to the main event. So often cast into the shadows as ‘the bit before the good stuff’. However oral sex can be just as amazing if not better than a roll between the sheets. Especially if you know how to do it right. A truly intimate act. Oral sex can show a huge amount of vulnerability with trust being a main factor. So here are 7 of the best oral sex positions for men and women.

Number Seven: The U-Shape

With hand jobs quickly becoming the most boring sex act on the planet it is time to put some spice into spanking the monkey. Making your hand into a U-shape with your fingers and thumb. Place your hand on the bottom of your partners penis with your palm facing away. Moving up and down twisting and turning and using as much of you palm as possible. Keep going using alternate hands for as long as your partner can take it.

Number Six: The Sidecar

As you lay down face your partner with your noses touching. Then shuffle down until you reach the golden jewel of your lover. Whether it’s a guy or girl it is pretty easy to guess what comes next. However due to the positions of your body it also gives you pretty good access to the nether regions that are usually untouched. That’s if you’re into that kinda thing!

Number  Five: Bed Head Oral

One for the guys who prefer deeper penetration. The bed head is a win win. With deep throating and less gagging. With your partner laying on the bed with their head hanging off the edge. The trick is to line up the mouth without adapting to any height. Basically no squatting. Not just for the bed. Coffee tables, pool tables and even kitchen counters are all proven bed head material.

Number Four: Hands

With most people forgetting those 4 things on the end of your hands. Fingers can be of great use. With your partner lay on the side of the bed try using your fingers instead of jumping right in there with your tongue. Make sure you don’t dive right in with your fingers either by locating the clitoris using your most useful tools for better use.

Number Three: Cunnilingus

Nothing out of the ordinary and well known worldwide. This classic sex act is one of the best around. Especially for the ladies. Taking the opportunity to sit back and relax. Allow your partner to do all the work for once. For an extra tip try using a pillow underneath the pelvis to allow room to get deeper and down.

Number Two: Queening

Owning the right to act and behave like a Queen. Referring to the act of gracefully sitting on your partners face. The face being the throne. Queening saves on the neck cramps. With your partner being able to reach places they have not been able to before. Queening is intimate as intimate can be.

Number One: 67

Everybody’s heard of the 69. But it’s the 67 that really works correctly. With the 69 difficult to maneuver resulting in a rush job and unsatisfied customers. The 67 allows each person to fully fulfill their intentions. With your partner being able to relax and receive while you go at it. It is then much more rewarding when you get yours. Either on top , bottom or side to side the 67 allows you to just sheer off to the side without the distractions.