6 Reasons Why The Female Orgasm Trumps The Male Orgasm

6 Reasons Why The Female Orgasm Trumps The Male Orgasm


The female body is more mystifying and complex than anything else on the planet. From the whole producing a life thing to being able to push a human body out of a hole 5 times smaller. This wonderful creature can actually do a million other cool and interesting things. But what’s better than creating a person? Some would say nothing. But some would say a multiple orgasm comes pretty damn close. Completely blowing the male orgasm out of the water. Here are 6 reasons why the female orgasm trumps their male counterpart.

Number Six: It Lasts Longer

Typically lasting much longer than the male orgasm. An average orgasm for those lucky ladies is around 15 to 20 seconds. With some cases reaching up to 25. So that’s a whole 14 seconds longer then the average male. Of course everybody has different experiences but overall women will have the longer climax.

Number Five: You Can Keep Going And Going

In the Fundamentals of Sex, a book that researches sexuality. It was suggested that women could orgasm up to 100 times an hour. Sounds exhausting right? Well apparently it’s true with one woman setting the record for 134. Wow.

Number Four: It’s Better Than Any Drug

When you finally reach orgasms it is so mind blowingly brilliant that the brain even shuts down. Falling into a sort of trance like state. The body releases all anxiety falling into deep relaxation. Lasting for a few minutes our whole conciseness can shut down, forgetting our trouble and worries of the day.

Number Three: It Cures Headaches

Instead of reaching for the painkillers when you feel a headache brewing grab your partner instead. With a recent study showing that orgasms help soothe the pain of a poorly head. They have also been proven to help with hiccups, morning sickness and period pains. Win!

Number Two: It Can Kill You!

OK so not entirely amazing but have you ever heard of death by male ejaculation?! With some women known to faint, pass out or even experience heart failure when reaching that special place. There have even been known cases of death. Resulting in the French expression, ‘le petit mort’ which means the little death.

Number One: Multiple Orgasm

It is no secret that women are able to achieve the impossible. However that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be celebrated. So what exactly is it? The good news is that all women are capable of having one. Yet the trick is being able to get one. Hammering out one by one. The multiple orgasms is exactly what it says on the tin. With men being unable to due to the small amount of time it takes to ejaculate. Women win alone on the collective climax.

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