Drugs: 10 Celebrities Who Have Struggled with Addiction

Drugs: 10 Celebrities Who Have Struggled with Addiction Robert Downey Jr.: 15 Facts You Didn't Know (Part 2)

We idolize and look up to our favorite famous people for the inspiring work they do. However, while worshipping them, it’s all too easy to forget that they are human, try drugs, and sometimes get hooked. Here are some celebrities you may not have realized have histories with addiction.

Number Ten: David Hasselhoff

Years ago, Hasselhoff had drug problems. These landed him in the hospital at least three times before he successfully turned his life around.



Number Nine: Robert Downey Jr. and Drugs

Early on in this man’s acting career, he was seriously addicted to both coke and heroin. He even had episodes of complete black outs.

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Number Eight: Kirsten Dunst

The actress began with anti-depressants, which were legally prescribed. But Kirsten went on to experiment with heavy substances, which eventually landed her in rehab.

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Number Seven: Eric Clapton

At first, Clapton used cocaine just for a fast energy boost before performing. But he became an addict not long after and started using it multiple times each and every week.

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Number Six: Oprah Winfrey

Many don’t know this, but the talk show host Oprah has actually experienced drug addiction before her TV days. She admitted to smoking crack in a time of emotional trouble as a younger woman.



Number Five: Samuel L. Jackson

The actor was discovered passed out in his kitchen while cooking cocaine. After this, Jackson checked into a rehab clinic to heal himself.

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Number Four: Angelina Jolie

This famous actress had drug issues long before her fame came along. In the star’s early 20’s, she used both coke and heroin for a few years.



Number Three: Demi Lovato

Along with drug problems, the singer also struggled with an eating disorder. However, with the help of her loved ones, along with her manager, she is now rehabilitated.

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Demi Lovato / celebmafia.com

Number Two: Fergie

The actress and singer has a history of addiction to crystal meth. She doesn’t remember when it started, but she’s clean now.



Number One: Drew Barrymore

This child star started drugs at the tender age of 12. However, going to rehab not once, but twice as a teenager, she managed to clean herself up and is doing much better nowadays. Thanks for reading our list.

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