8 Things Bisexuals Are Sick Of Hearing


Poor bisexuals. Extradited from the gay community and shunned by the straights. Constantly labelled ‘greedy’ or even ‘fake’. Bisexuals are often invisible. With the newly coined phrase of ‘Bisexual Erasure’, storming the internet. The process describes the propensity to ignore the evidence of Bisexuality in history, literature and the media. Therefore taking the same concept of ‘Homophobia’. ‘Biphobia’ deals with the prejudice often thrown towards those identifying as Bisexual. So to try and dispose of this nature. Here are 8 things that Bisexuals are sick and tired of hearing.

Number Eight: It’s Just A Phase

With common accusations of ‘come on you have to choose!’. Bisexuals are often coerced into declaring who they like the best. Yet that’s the whole point of Bisexuality. There is no best. There is no front runner or favorite. Attracted to BOTH sexes. Bisexual people are geared towards who they find they find attractive regardless of sexuality. It is most definitely not a phase and will continue up until death.

Number Seven: Bisexuals Are All Sluts

Part of the reason why so many Bisexual people get such a bad reputation is due to the celebrities that so often identity as ‘Bisexual’ on television. Especially reality TV. Yes obviously Bisexuals have more options but that doesn’t mean they want to sleep with every single boy/girl they come across. Do you want get involved with man/woman you see?

Number Six: They Cheat

Again just because they have more options it doesn’t necessarily mean they will cheat. The act of being unfaithful to a partner has absolutely nothing to with sexual preference but with personality traits of the individual. Cheating is a choice. A choice that is made regardless of who it is with. Gay and straight people are just as likely to cheat as bisexuals.

Number Five: Bisexuals Are Greedy

Some days you might want Chocolate and some days you might want Ice Cream. However that doesn’t mean you are suddenly going to devour 5 tubs of Ice Cream on the Ice Cream days. Sorry to break it to you but Bisexuals aren’t bisexual just so they can have sex with both genders.

Number Four: They Just Can’t Make Up Their Minds

With comments such as ‘oh they are just confused’. Bisexuals are often accused of not being able to make up their minds. With the inclination that one day they will. Probably. However such derogatory statements only increase a bisexuals wrath. Cementing the argument to why it is always gay and straight people who are puzzled about sexuality and not actually bisexuals themselves.

Number Three: Bisexuals Are Just Gay

With claims that Bisexuals are actually just homosexual yet too afraid to admit it. It seems unrealistic that someone who identifies as Bisexual wouldn’t just come out of the closet happily. Interrogated by the straight community and shunned by the LGBT crowd. Surely no Bisexual would put up with such abuse for nothing right?

Number Two: Bisexual People Do Not Exist

So with the B in LGBT obviously standing for Banana. Apparently Bisexuals don’t actually exist at all. With claims that they must at least lean towards one gender. Or are partial to another. Bisexuality is often attributed to attention seeking and showing off. However if bisexuality didn’t exist at all then surely no other sexuality would either?

Number One: Actually. Everybody is Bisexual!

Again a load of old rubbish. With the invention of the Kinsey scale. In which a scale was devised to process one’s sexuality. The misconception of everyone being at least a tiny bit bisexual has been embedded into society. However although it does have a slight inkling of truth not all people are willing to identify as such. With the concept just never occurring to them. With people so damn desperate to state that everyone is bisexual so therefore it doesn’t really matter anyway. You are taking away someone’s true identity.