Sleeping Naked: 8 Reasons You’re Doing It Wrong

Sleeping Naked: 8 Reasons You're Doing It Wrong

Sleeping naked is definitely one of the finer things in life, but do you ever wonder if maybe… you could be doing it wrong? Sleeping naked wrong? Sounds ridiculous, we know. Although, we could be onto something. We have found the eight secrets to the perfect naked sleep, and they are waiting for you just below!

Number Eight: Just Starting Out?

If you have just decided to make the transition to naked sleeping, you’ve got to start out slow. First, try sleeping in just your underwear. If you jump right into sleeping naked, your body is going to notice and it may affect your good night’s rest.

Number Seven: You Need the Right Sheets for Sleeping Naked

When it’s time to sleep naked, you have to make sure your bed is fit with the right sheets and blankets. Breathable fabrics, like cotton, are going to give you the best sleep. Synthetic fabrics, like polyester, will cut off the air circulation around your body and negate the benefits.

Number Six: Get Fresh and Clean First

If you are ready for the best sleep you have ever had in your life, you have to get all fresh and clean first. We recommend bathing right before bed so you and your sheets can feel clean and comfy. If you don’t bathe beforehand, all your sweat and oils will just rub off onto the sheets- you don’t want to do laundry every night, do you?

Number Five: Be Prepared

If you fear the cold, naked walk to the bathroom in the morning or night, try keeping a robe next to your bed. You’ll be able to pull it on nice and easy as you stand up. Slippers will help, too!

Number Four: Get into a Routine

To get the very best naked sleep, make sure everything is all taken care of before you get undressed. This includes getting the kids to sleep, setting your alarm, brushing your teeth, etc. If you have to keep putting your clothes on and taking them off because you forgot something, it can get pretty frustrating.

Number Three: Take Privacy Precautions

If you have kids or roommates, make sure you give them a heads up about privacy. Have a talk with the kiddies about knocking before entering your bedroom at certain hours, and warn them that you sleep naked.

Number Two: Keep it Cold

Scientifically speaking, sleeping in colder temperatures provides a deeper and better quality sleep. By putting your thermostat at 70 degrees or below, your rest will be much more restorative and relaxing.

Number One: Don’t Sleep Naked Alone

We don’t recommend sleeping with a stranger, but sleeping naked with a naked partner is much more beneficial than sleeping naked alone. Skin contact will induce increased production of oxytocin during the night, which relieves stress and makes you feel happy. When you sleep naked with a partner, we guarantee the most relaxing sleep of your life. We hope you enjoyed learning the eight ways that you are sleeping naked wrong!

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