Celebrity Pranks Gone Wrong: 5 Jaw-Dropping Stories


Every school has the class clown – you know, the guy who pulls out all the stops and can make anybody laugh. Well, celebrities are no different. These celebrity pranks gone wrong show that nobody is perfect, even perfect-looking people. Get ready for a laugh!

Number Five: Zach Braff Assault. As part of an episode of Punk’d, Ashton Kutcher had several kids fake spraypainting the Scrubs star’s new Porsche. However, Braff caught the kids in the act and chased one down, beating him mercilessly. MTV aired the episode, but not before editing out the brutal beating.

Number Four: Roofied Lobster. One crewmember on the set of James Cameron’s Titanic thought it would be funny to drug other members of the unsuspecting crew. He put PCP in the lobster chowder and effectively drugged 50 crewmembers. However, it wasn’t so funny, as all 50 members ended up in the emergency room.

Number Three: The Sushi of Wall Street. This is one of those celebrity pranks that people will either find hilarious or disturbing. While filming The Wolf of Wall Street, Jonah Hill and Leonardo DiCaprio would prank each other quite often. While DiCaprio preferred to prank Hill with physical violence, Hill got DiCaprio back in a more subversive way. During one scene, Hill’s character continued to let DiCaprio have the last piece of sushi. This scene had to be taken up to 70 times, and each take had to be identical to the last. DiCaprio eventually became violently ill from eating so much raw fish.

Number Two: Celebrity Pranks Gone Wrong – ‘The Game’ Tweet

Musician The Game thought it would be funny to send a fake tweet about an internship, and he attached the phone number of the L.A. Sherrif’s Department at the Compton station to the tweet. Little did he know that the phone lines would become jammed for two hours, blocking potentially important phone calls with actual emergencies from coming through.

Number One: Ransom Nudes. While filming Ransom, Mel Gibson played a prank on co-star Rene Russo by tracking down nude photos of her when she was 17 and posting blown-up versions of them on a public bulletin board. He would post small bits of the photos every day, thinking she would get a laugh. As far as celebrity pranks go, this one is pretty unsavory.