6 Of The Best Sex Toys For Straight Men

Sex toys today are at their most popular. Every day new and exciting things are released for infinite sexual pleasure. Whether it be alone, with a partner or a one night stand. Sex toys have a big part to play in the sexual experiences of people all over the world. But what are the most popular? Research shows that women are more likely to own or purchase a sex toy rather than the average straight male. But why are straight men not getting involved? With suggestions of embarrassment and plain old awkwardness. It seems that men are unaware of the products that are available to them. So here are 6 of the best sex toys for straight men.

Number Six: Penis Ring

Universally known as the ‘cock ring’. This glittery piece of metal is placed on the base of the penis, which then traps the blood inside. Eventually receiving a solid rock erection. This is extremely popular for men who may find it difficult keeping the sails up or are prone to a stiff breeze.


Number Five: Vibrator

Don’t worry it’s not to use on yourself. Not yet anyway… Vibrators have often been the saving grace for many women. With many a pocket rockets in bed side tables worldwide. However men have yet to really grasp why. So think about it? By using a vibrator in the midst of sex, it leaves various other options free and available to play with. Plus it shows attentiveness and consideration that will undoubtedly lead to some serious payback.


Number Four: Fleshlight

A sex toy that has often had some negative stigma attached. The Fleshlight is actually one of the best products on the market. A masturbation toy at its very best. Not only will it help you give your penis a major work out but it is also a handy tool to have especially during those dry spells. Pleasure at its most sensual. The Fleshlight is a must have.

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Number Three: Bondage Sex Toys

What’s a world without bondage? A very boring one. From tamer things such as handcuffs , whips and leather gloves. To full on hardcore latex and leather chaps. Whatever floats your boat it doesn’t hurt to give it go. Well it might hurt a little. Role plays and restraints have been proven to enhance sexual pleasure. So whip out your kink and finally see what you’re made off.

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Number Two: Autoblow 2

When the Autoblow 2 was released with the sole intention of being able to give a man a blowjob without a woman present. Many declared that the world was complete. A machine that does all the work for you it has become a godsend for men and women everywhere. Technology today huh?

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Number One: Dildo

Ok. So We were going to get there eventually but hey it’s the 21st century and people need to get over themselves. Everybody knows that the male G spot is tucked neatly away in the back of the crack. So it is about time straight men started to get involved. However when you do. You are going to want to start with a smaller one and plenty of lube. Try it and I promise you’ll never look back…so to speak.

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