Craigslist: Top 5 Creepy Stories


Craigslist is known for housing some of the creepiest people on the internet, but since its inception, the process of weeding through the weirdos has gotten much easier. To remind you that it’s still not totally safe, here are five of the Craigslist stories. Proceed with caution, as they might cause you to lose your faith in humanity completely.

Number Five: Anthony Curcio. Former high school football star Anthony Curcio was down on his luck when he decided that robbing an armored truck was an excellent idea. To help make his dream come true, he hired 10 day laborers and requested that they all dress alike. When they showed up, Curcio was wearing an identical outfit. While the laborers stood around confused, Curcio pepper sprayed the driver of an armored truck, grabbed some cash and fled. He was able to spend some of it in Vegas before he got caught.

Number Four: Lenny Dykstra. Ex-center fielder for the Philadelphia Phillies Lenny Dykstra wanted a massage, but he apparently didn’t want to admit it. Between 2009 and 2011, on six occasions Dykstra hired women under the guise that they would help with “household chores”; however, once they arrived, he told them that he wanted a massage. He wanted a massage so badly that he held one woman at knifepoint.

Number Three: Craigslist – Shey-Rima Silveira

Shey-Rima Silveira was a minister who was hired to marry a couple in their backyard. For a wedding gift, the couple requested all of the guests bring gift cards to Home Depot. However, once the wedding was over, the couple were dismayed to discover that they had just three gift cards. Silveira had taken the rest. She got away with it and only had to pay $1,500 in restitution plus a $300 fine.

Number Two: Ezekiel Gilbert. Ezekial Gilbert was interested in hiring a woman for $150 an hour for sex. However, he made the tragic mistake of expecting sex when she did not explicitly advertise it. Lenora Ivie Frago arrived at his house and refused to have sex with him, at which point he got out his gun and chased her. Unfortunately, 23-year-old Frago was shot and killed.

Number One: The Unknowing Rapist. One 32-year-old man in Idaho decided he wanted to use Craigslist to help his wife realize her special rape fantasies. However, there’s one catch: she didn’t have any real rape fantasies. He wanted to hire people to actually rape her without her consent, and he wanted the people raping her not to realize that she wasn’t acting.

When the hired man arrived, the wife was able to grab a gun and nearly shot him. That didn’t stop her husband from hiring someone else to try two days later, though. She grabbed her gun and called the police again, and her husband was caught.

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