DIY: 5 Quick Fixes for a Messy Kitchen

The kitchen is the headquarters for household messes, and a messy kitchen can be detrimental to the production of meals, as well as your state of mind. If your kitchen seems to be a problem area for home organization, it might be time to get creative. We’re here to give you all the helpful, DIY quick fixes to transform your chaotic kitchen into a culinary utopia.

Number Five: Disinfecting Wipes Bag Dispenser.

You never know when you might need a bag, and this little DIY craft will give you a great place to fashionably store all those recycled grocery bags. Save the container from the next canister of wipes that you use up, and wash out the inside. Get some colorful paper with pretty patterns or even just some paint, and decorate the new bag holder to fit your kitchen. To insert the bags, start by flattening out all of the grocery bags you hope to store away, and fold them in half. Take the first, and fold up one of the handles so that it will stick out of the top for easy access. Roll it up tight, but before finishing the roll, insert the next baggy and continue to roll. Repeat this process until you’ve run out of bags, and place the roll into your colorful new holder!

Number Four: Hanging Snack Holders.

If your pantry is as chaotic as mine, it’s high time you sat down and finally organized it. But how can you organize things that seem as if they’re designed to make a mess? Well, with a hanging shoe holder, of course. By organizing snack bags and small items into a hanging shoe holder, it becomes simple and easy to declutter your pantry. Just hang it on any door, and fill each pouch with desired goods. It’s great for any handy mom, disorganized college kids, and is even a great way to categorize snacks by day to better plan your diet.

Number Three: Tea Tin Fridge Magnets.

We all have that stash of random tins lying around with no purpose, just because they’re too darn adorable to throw away. To finally utilize them, try decorating your fridge! Loose leaf tea and spice tins tend to work best to create helpful little pen and utensil holders; however, it is possible to find uses for many types of tins. Just take the empty tin, stick a strong magnet on the side, and voila! Your newest fridge adornment is ready to beautify your fridge. You can even use paper or paint to decorate them to match your kitchen.

Number Two: Soda Box Soup Holders.

Soda boxes come in a shape convenient for not only dispensing the soda they bear but also for storing other canned items. While transforming your kitchen, take a minute to wrap a few up in decorative paper, and use them to store your loose canned goods. The image above depicts different soups you could organize this way, but the possibilities are endless to fit every kitchen. You could even separate them by food types, such as soups, vegetables, fruits, etc. Now, you can save money by buying in bulk during sales, and have a creative and trendy way to store them!

Number One: Tupperware Lid Organization via CD Holders.

Tupperware lids are absolutely crazy and have a tendency to disorganize themselves. Even when we sit down and take the time to compact them, it seems as if they run around and displace themselves while we sleep. Thus, making it impossible to find the one you need when the time arises. To solve this problem, use the simple fix of organizing them with a CD holder rack. Each has its own place, and you will never have to struggle with the disorganized pile of miscellaneous lids. Kitchen struggles made simple!