Rock Star Arrests: Top 5 Most Awesomely Hilarious

Rock Star Arrests: Top 5 Most Awesomely Hilarious

Rock star arrests happen so often, they almost seem like a right of passage for many music celebrities. Check out PPcorn‘s top five most awesomely hilarious rock star arrests below.

Number Five: Paul McCartney. Weed is so illegal in Japan, it’s hard to believe McCartney even tried to smuggle any, let alone eight ounces of high-grade marajuana. He later justified, saying, “I knew I wouldn’t be able to get anything to smoke over there. The stuff was too good to flush down the toilet, so I thought I’d take it with me.” Well, good job, Paul, you managed to land in Tokyo’s Narcotics Detention Center for nine days, forcing your expensive Wings’ Japan tour to be cancelled.  At least he’s learned his lesson: “The band was very annoyed with me because me being busted had blown one of their big pay days. Nobody was too happy with me at the time.”

Number Four: Willie Nelson. Watch out for those routine commercial-vehicle inspections, Willie! Nelson’s tour bus was pulled over on a Louisiana highway for inspection, which lead to the discovery of a pound and a half of marijuana and over three ounces of psychedelic mushrooms. Though Nelson was probably going to finish that weed by the end of the week,  the amount would have locked him up for felony distribution. Lucky for Nelson, four of his travel buddies said they owned the drugs too, so Nelson landed a misdemeanor only.

Number Three: Jerry Lee Lewis. Jerry Lee Lewis just wanted to visit Elvis…! In the middle of the night… while hammered…. waving a .38 derringer pistol around. I guess that’s why Elvis’s first cousin, Harold Lloyd, who was guarding the Graceland gates that night, called the cops instead when Lewis told him to,  “Get on the goddamn phone. Call up there and tell Elvis I wanna visit with him. Who the hell does he think he is? Tell him the Killer’s here to see him.” It only took five police officers to get Lewis out of his Lincoln Continental, but Lewis managed to  shatter out one of the car windows with an empty champagne bottle first.

Number Two: Peter Buck. Perhaps this story is where “Bridesmaids” writer Kristen Wiig got her idea for the plane scene. Peter Buck got on a British Airways plane from Seattle to London in April 2001, and drank 15 glasses of wine. Quite a feat in and of itself, however, he then flipped over a service cart, got stuck between seats, dumped yogurt on himself and a crewmember and assaulted several flight attendants (he even choked one with his necktie). The R.E.M. guitarist was arrested at Heathrow Airport for two counts of common assault , as well as for being drunk on an aircraft and damaging British Airways crockery. In his public apology Buck said he had taken a strong sleeping pill and didn’t remember anything that happened after. You’re not alone, Annie Walker!

Number One: Rock Star Arrests Keith Moon

Arrested for… oh so many things. On August 23rd, 1967, the drummer of The Who was celebrating his “21st” birthday (really, it was his 20th) at a Holiday Inn in Michigan. It started with a drink, which lead to a food fight, which lead to room-trashing, toilet-exploding, fire extinguishers setting off, and a naked Moon driving a Lincoln Continental into the swimming pool. When the police came to arrest him, Moon tried to make a run for it, and broke a tooth in the process. Stopping at a dentist on their way to jail, Moon required no Novocaine for the fix – good ol’ alcohol did the trick. On top of the arrest The Who were charged $24,000 in damages by The Holiday Inn and banned from staying at any of the chain’s locations.

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