Sexiest Stewardesses: Top 15 Airlines (Part 2)

We already brought you part one of the 15 airlines with the sexiest stewardesses, and now we’re back with part two! Though everyone has their own tastes when it comes to what makes something sexy, the uniforms the stewardesses on these airlines wear can’t be beaten when it comes to what’s attractive. Check out the eight airlines with the sexiest stewardesses below, and be sure to keep these in mind the next time you travel!

Number Eight: Air France. Stewardesses for Air France, based out of France, wear attractive and form-fitting navy dresses with a red belt that cinches at the waist. These uniforms are chic and simple.

Number Seven: Virgin Atlantic. Virgin Atlantic, based out of England, has the seventh sexiest stewardesses in the world. These bright ladies wear coral skirts and blazers with matching pumps. Talk about drawing attention to yourself!

Number Six: Air Canada Rouge. Based out of Canada, the stewardesses at Air Canada Rouge fall next on our list. These ladies wear slim gray pants and tight burgundy shirts to really show off their curves.

Number Five: Singapore Airlines. Kicking off the top five on our list of the airlines with the sexiest stewardesses is Singapore Airlines, based out of Singapore. These stewardesses have some of the most colorful outfits; the uniform is a beautifully patterned dress with intricate details and a scoop neck.

Number Four: Virgin America. Next on our list is Virgin America, based out of the United States. Stewardesses for Virgin America wear black skirts, light blue button ups and a colorful red patterned neck scarf.

Number Three: Emirates. Based out of the United Arab Emirates, Emirates has the third sexiest stewardesses. These ladies wear khaki uniforms with red hats, and each stewardess must wear red lipstick that matches the hat.

Number Two: Qantas. Second on our list of the airlines with the sexiest stewardesses is Australia’s Qantas. These ladies wear an uber-chic little black dress that has colorful pink, orange and red stripes going across the shoulder.

Number One: Aeroflot. Finally, the airline with the sexiest stewardesses is Russia’s Aeroflot. These ladies are visions in red, with red skirts, red tops, red hats and white gloves.