Top 8 Weird Toys You Won’t Believe Are for Kids

Top 8 Weird Toys You Won't Believe Are for Kids

Some kids’ toys are physically faulty, and some kids’ toys are over the top. These eight weird toys are something else, though. They were designed for children, but you might not believe it after reading about them because they’re just so downright strange. Check them out for yourself below!

Number Eight: STD Plush Toys

Rather than wait until you kids are old enough to learn about sex, why now introduce them to adorably anthropomorphized viruses representing various STDs? Moms everywhere are cringing.

Number Seven: Daddy Saddle

The Daddy Saddle was designed as a way for kids to turn whatever they want into a horse. However, in reality, the name was a little less than appropriate. Not to mention all the dads out there who would prefer not to be ridden by their children.

Number Six: Jar Jar Binks Tongue Candy

Jar Jar Binks seems pretty innocent as a character, but one candy company decided to take things one step too far when they made candy out of his tongue. Kids would have to do something that resembled making out with the character in order to reach the candy at the back of his throat.

Number Five: Gooey Louie

Gooey Louie glorified the act of picking noses. Kids could pull boogers right out of Louie’s giant schnoz, and if they were lucky, his brain would pop right out of his head, too!

Number Four: Yume

Yume was a doll designed to remind kids of their least favorite part of visiting the doctor: getting a shot. Rather than reinforcing the idea that getting a shot can be pleasant, kids who stuck a plastic syringe filled with water into Yume’s arm would see her cry giant crocodile tears. Bad, bad idea.

Number Three: Avenging Unicorn

The avenging unicorn is, well, exactly that. The unicorn comes with four interchangeable horns that can impale various characters that also come with the unicorn, including a mime, a businessman and a hipster.

Number Two: Japanese Pregnant Doll

The Japanese Pregnant Doll was not designed for kids, but rather for Japanese midwives. However, the anatomically correct woman soon became popular as a teaching tool for kids, although things got a bit creepy when you take into account just how anatomically correct the “toy” is.

Number One: Milky the Milking Cow

Finally, Milky the Milking Cow was designed as a way to show kids where milk comes from, but it really was a covert poisoning device. Kids could feed the cow water and then milk her to see a milky-white substance come out of her udders. However, the substance that came out of her was not even close to edible.

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