Circumcision Turned into Amputation: 5 Shocking Stories

Circumcision Turned into Amputation: 5 Shocking Stories

You know it’s a bad day when you walk into a hospital for a simple circumcision, and come out missing your pride. Everyone makes mistakes, but these medical complications are guaranteed to make you cringe! Read on to discover the most shocking and disturbing stories about circumcisions that ended up turning into amputations!

Number Five: Hey- Where’s My Penis?

Back in 2014, a 56-year-old man in Alabama entered the Princeton Baptist Medical Center for a simple circumcision. When he woke up from surgery, however, he inspected the results of the procedure only to find that something wasn’t quite right: his penis was gone! Livid, the man sued the institution, who defended its practice saying that the action had been “medically necessary”. Although, the most difficult part in the lawsuit was determining a monetary settlement amount, which is still up in the air. How much do you charge someone for taking your manhood?

Number Four: A Cancerous Decision

In Kentucky, a 64-year-old man sued both the hospital and surgeon responsible for the removal of his penis without consent. However, the man probably should have noticed that the organ was plagued with severe cancer. He went in for a circumcision, but the penis was so affected that the doctor was quoted to reveal the tip looked like “rotten cauliflower”, and the only way to treat such severe cancer was to remove the body part completely. The man didn’t think that’s what he signed up for when walking into that hospital, but the contract he signed said otherwise. Luckily for the doctor, the jury ruled in favor of health policies.

Number Three: Circumcision Gone Wrong

This story isn’t exactly an amputation story, but you will be shocked at how a botched circumcision caused this young boy to lose much more than an organ. A documentary was planned for a news channel about circumcision, but the end result featured a distressed and tortured 8-day-old infant and a severely uncertified “surgeon”. The procedure was to be done by a rabbi, however he lacked any medical certification and didn’t even give the child anesthetic. Not only this, but the film crew was there to catch everything on tape, including the moment that everything went wrong. After the torturous procedure, the baby ending up with a severe infection that later became so detrimental that medical professionals were keeping him alive with antibiotics, oxygen, and drips. Unfortunately, the young child couldn’t push through the trauma.

Number Two: The Worst Doctors Ever

In 1993, it was reported that 19 boys who had been to the same two doctors for a circumcision were scarred (physically and mentally) from their experiences. The worst part- all 19 boys, aged one to 13, had been disfigured within a span of only two years. Each of the boys was found to have buried penis, webbed penis, trapped penis, or full-on amputations from the medical malpractices.

Number One: D.I.Y. Getting Too Serious

Instead of heading to a doctor to get a circumcision done properly, one young man in Egypt decided to do it himself- and decided it was better to take off the whole darn thing. He had somehow gotten it into his head that male sex organs were unbearably filthy, and he would be closer to his god if he didn’t have one. So, he chopped it right off. Apparently he isn’t a doctor, because now he is in a serious condition. We hope you enjoyed our list of shocking stories about circumcision turned amputation!

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