The Top 10 Sexiest Men According to Google

Everybody loves checking Google while they’re at work, checking in on whatever the latest and hottest trends are. However, this particular list might cause your computer/phone screen to fog up with steam, because these sexiest men according to Google are particularly hot – not even another guy can deny it.

Number Ten: Robert Pattinson. Edward from the Twilight series is still appealing to a large female demographic. Although some of you may have had your hearts broken when this handsome hunk took himself off the market (he is married to singer FKA Twigs) Pattinson still manages to be one of the sexiest men alive.

Number Nine: Matthew McConaughey. If you’re a pop culture junkie, then you’ve probably heard the term “the McConaissance,” noting the triumphant return of Matthew McConaughey to superstardom. Between the early and mid aughts, Matthew was blowing up in romantic comedies, such as The Wedding Planner, How To Lose a Guy in 10 Days and Failure to Launch. The 45-year-old was able to shed the pretty-boy phase of his career and earn himself an Academy Award for his performance in 2013’s Dallas Buyers Club.

Number Eight: Chris Hemsworth. No one can resist the mighty hammer of Thor. Chris Hemsworth became a household name once he put on that red cape and became the God of Thunder. This 6’2″ Australia native is not the only talented one in his family, being a brother to actors Liam Hemsworth and Luke Hemsworth. But he was born to be a glorious specimen of a man: Chris was born on a Thursday, the day of the week Thor is named after. It was meant to be.

Number Seven: Chris Evans. Another Avenger on the list, Chris Evans is the world’s greatest soldier and America’s greatest patriot. But many of you may know him as Captain America, starring in a string of successful Marvel movies. There have been recent rumors that Evans is romantically linked to his Avengers: Age of Ultron co-star Elizabeth Olsen. Keeping his private life pretty close to his chest, one can only hope he won’t be snatched off the market anytime soon.

Number Six: Jamie Dornan. Having starred in one of the biggest financial hits of the year, there was no way Jamie Dornan wasn’t going to appear on the list. The role of the handsome, yet tormented, billionaire Christian Grey has put him on the radar of many women. Luckily for those ladies, he will be back for two more films.

Number Five: Theo James. Oxford-born actor Theo James first began to blow up once the Divergent series stormed into cinemas. Theo is 1/4 Greek, while the rest of his ancestry is English and Scottish. Though he had a not-so glamorous job before turning into a movie star, Mr. James will most certainly be on his way to the very top.

Number Four: Henry Cavill. Superman himself Henry Cavill simply smiles and automatically earns a role on this list. Before he landed his career-changing role in Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel, he tried out for the role of Superman in Bryan Singer’s 2006 Superman Returns. Author Stephanie Meyer also based the description of Edward Cullen in her Twilight novels on Henry, even trying to convince the studio he should play the role, before Robert Pattinson was cast.

Number Three: Brad Pitt. Probably one of the best examples of an actor moving out of his pretty-boy, teen-starlet phase and becoming one of the most talented actors of his generation is Brad Pitt. However, the man still manages to be incredibly good-looking, even at the age of 51. He has been married to fellow actor Angelina Jolie since 2014, having originally vowed to never get married until gay marriage was legal. It looks as if they predicted the future.

Number Two: Benedict Cumberbatch. Benedict Cumberbatch may be the most British name in the world, but the actor has an incredible screen presence, and a voice to accompany it to boot. Very soon, Cumberbatch will be joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe as the master of the dark arts, Doctor Strange. With that rich baritone voice of his, sharp cheekbones and blue-green eyes, what is there not to love?

Number One: Channing Tatum. Channing Tatum has quickly become the most talked-about piece of male hotness ever since he broke onto the scene in Step Up. Being a naturally skilled martial artist, he is also a very skilled dancer, having been a stripper before becoming an actor. Abercrombie & Fitch, Dolce & Gabbana and Aeropostale have all had the pleasure of having Channing model for them. But the modeling world just wasn’t enough of a challenge for Tatum, and Hollywood was happy to step in and fill that void.