iPhone: The Top 5 Best Free Apps

iPhone: The Top 5 Best Free Apps

These are the five iPhone apps that you can get for free from the Apps store. Number Five: Level Up. This app rewards customer loyalty with savings. An example is using the same restaurant frequently and saving money on each bill you pay through this app. The returns come in the form of store credit which can be used later.

Number Four: Periscope. This app helps live stream through your mobile device. You can also watch other live streams through this app.

Number Three: Beme. It is the same as snapchat and lets you upload 4 second videos which can be seen till the next 24 hours. The difference is that you do not have to focus on the object to film it. You can even record it by putting the phone to your chest.

Number Two: Postmates. This app lets you order food from anywhere and delivers to your service using their own chosen delivery service. This is ideal for restaurants that do not have their own delivery staff.

Number One: Twitch. This app lets you stream yourself live while playing video games. Your followers can actually see you playing any game on your screen, to theirs.

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