6 Reasons Why The Male Orgasm Trumps The Female Orgasm

The Male Orgasm: 15 Interesting Facts (Part 2)
The Male Orgasm: 15 Interesting Facts (Part 2)


With so much said about the female orgasm their male counterpart are usually ignored. So often thought of as just a quick shot in the dark, the male orgasm is actually a lot more intense then most like think. To celebrate, here are 6 reasons to why the male orgasm totally trumps the female climax.

Number Six: Orgasm’s Come More Naturally

With reports suggesting that women have one orgasm for every three male orgasms. It can be obvious that men find it that little bit easier to reach climax. Named the ‘orgasm gap’, the practice has been studied extensively with some even stating that women bodies are just not that great at climaxing.

Number Five: Multiple Orgasms

Normally associated with females, men are also partial to a multiple orgasm or two. With 15% of men reporting that they had at experienced it at least once when asked during research for the Kinsey Scale. However before you start undoing your trousers it does require a little effort but don’t worry, it can be perfected.

Number Four: G-spot

Again just like women, men also have their very own G-spot. However unlike women it’s located right in their backside. Yes, sitting about two inches inside the anus the male G-spot has been described as feeling like a small chestnut. Roasting away, awaiting to be pleasured.

Number Three: Quickies Are Exceptionally Easy

Forget about all-nighters. The average man can reach orgasm in just under seven minutes. Making it ridiculously easy for a rapid roll beneath the sheets or a quickie at lunch. With women taking almost double that. A man can have sex, eat lunch, brush his teeth and be back at his desk in an hour.

Number Two: Ejaculation Reduces The Risks Of Cancer

That’s right! Male ejaculation is so damn special that it lowers the risk of prostate cancer by 20%. Research suggests that men who ejaculate around 20 times a month are more likely to ward off the dreaded C word. As if you needed another excuse huh?

Number One: They Can Fake It

With women so often believing that they own the rights to faking the perfect orgasm. Men are actually able to pretend just as well. If not better. With reasons such as wanting to go to sleep, feeling unwell and just plain old laziness. It was revealed that at least 28% of men have faked an orgasm at some point in their lives.

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