6 Horror Stories For First Time Sex Makers

First-Time Sex: Top 7 Common Misconceptions

When we were young we all pictured our first time. Being with someone you loved. Wine, candles and softly sweet music playing in the background. However, no matter how nice we all want it, it never really goes that way. Often resulting into something excruciatingly embarrassing or just damn right painful. Here are 6 horror stories that will make you never want to have sex again.

Number Six: The Ambitious Types

When one girl decided to do the dirty deed with her current beau she soon later regretted it. Constantly ruining the mood by saying things such as ‘how’s that for you, you dirty girl?’ and ‘Tell me how much you want me,’ the lady in question was somewhat turned off. Arranging her into a million different positions and then engaging in some light spanking, it was a far cry from the romantic first time she had pictured.

Number Five: The Emotional Types

Planning their first time wisely. One couple decided to have sex for the first time after 8 months together. Young, in love and overly caring, the boyfriend became worried, constantly repeating ‘are you OK?’ , ‘did I hurt you?’ all the way through the entire act. Obviously distracted the girlfriend snapped which unfortunately led her lover to burst into tears and run away never to be seen again.

Number Four: Funny Noises

Sex can be scary for the first time whatever the sex. In a relationship for 2 months, two women decided to take things a step further. With both having no previous experience with the same sex, therefore everything was entirely new. Feeling good and hearing all the right noises a sound that could only be described as a fart noise let loose, lasting at least 25 seconds. Both stopping the pair started again both pretending it never even happened.

Number Three: Drunken Teenage Sex

Getting drunk with your teenage girlfriend/boyfriend can often be a bad idea. Especially when you start making some questionable decisions. Finding a bottle of vodka and choosing to get wasted, a 17 year old couple then decided to have sex for the first time. Obviously not a great idea, the boyfriend soon regretted it when his girlfriend, who couldn’t hold it in for very much longer, began relieving herself all down his legs.

Number Two: The Interruptions

Finding the prefect place to lose your virginity can be difficult, especially if you live at home or have roommates. There is nothing worse than being interrupted, especially if that person is your Mother or Father. When one particular couple decided to do it on the basement floor they had no idea that upstairs the boys Father was casually watching TV above them. Upon hearing a funny noise down below he then went to investigate and opened the door catching them in the act. Grinning he then shouted to the boys Mother, ‘honey, he’s not gay!’

Number One: Trying Something New

Exploring new areas can always be a little tricky. Especially if it’s something as delicate as the backside door. When one couple decided to attempt a little experiment by trying anal they were both very excited yet still a little nervous. Reading up on all the advice the couple began to go at it until suddenly they were interrupted by their roommate. Pulling out quickly he then discovered that his penis was covered in the girls feces. Upon realizing he then proceeded to vomit all over her back while the roommate stood disgusted in the doorway.