Bulimia: 8 Ways it Will Make You Look Gross, Not Sexy

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Bulimia has only become more common in the modern day. However, what people who take part in this disorder don’t realize is that starving yourself doesn’t only make you lose weight; it makes you lose weight in all of the wrong ways. People who decide to be bulimic are subject to malnutrition and dysmorphia. In the long run, it really just makes you look gross- not sexy. Here are some ways it will do so.

Number Eight: Bulimia Will Rot Your Teeth

Consistent puking isn’t healthy for your body, and it will show you in many ways. One physical symptom of this particular eating disorder is the detrimental effect it will have on your oral health. Repetitively making yourself vomit will give you yellowed, transparent, or chipped teeth, and can even give you unsightly mouth sores and ulcers.

Number Seven: It Will Deepen Your Voice

When vomit travels through the esophagus, it leaves a trail of organ-corroding stomach acid along the way. This acid is designed to digest any foods you might eat (including meat), so you can only imagine what it must be doing to your delicate throat. It extreme cases, it could damage your throat so intensely that in only a year, you could be sounding like you have been smoking for 20 years.

Number Six: It Will Make You the Wrong Kind of Skinny

Weight loss may sound appealing if you’ve been feeling down about your image lately, but eating disorders aren’t the way to accomplish your goal. Malnutrition comes when your body is devoid of the nutrients it needs to function (found in food), and often leads to dysmorphia. When this occurs, you will appear as a skeleton in a skin bag, and that isn’t sexy to anyone. Sometimes, it can even affect the shaping of your spine.

Number Five: It Will Affect Your Face

Though most people don’t know this, bulimia can actually alter the appearance of your face. In many cases, bulimic people experience a swelling of the face and cheeks because of damage to the parotid glands.

Number Four: It Will Disrupt Your Sleep

This may not seem like a physical symptom at first, but a lack of sleep or inadequate sleep can have obvious visual effects. Other than the damage to your metabolism, it can cause a tired-looking face, acne breakouts, slowed healing to cuts and bruises, transparent or yellowed skin, and an overall “brittle” appearance.

Number Three: It Will Destroy Your Hair

Nutrients from food are essential to the growth of hair and nails. If you practice a well-balanced diet, your hair and skin will glow with radiance; conversely, if your body is devoid of those nutrients, it will be noticeable. Bulimia can often lead to brittle and breaking hair, stunted hair and nail growth, or even a loss of hair.

Number Two: It Will Make You Constipated

Constipation is another side effect that may not seem like a physical side effect, but it becomes very noticeable. There is nothing attractive about a person who makes long, arduous trips to the bathroom every half hour.

Number One: It Could Make You Gain Weight

If you engage in bulimia as a method of weight loss, it can actually prove to be counteractive to your goal. People with this condition often binge eat, and puke it up later thinking they won’t be retaining any calories. However, calorie retention happens much faster than you might assume, especially in bulimic people. We hope you enjoyed our list of the eight ways that bulimia will make you look gross- not sexy!