Top 6 Celebrities Who Are Against Gay Marriage

Top 6 Celebrities Who Are Against Gay Marriage Mel Gibson: 15 Things You Didn't Know (Part 2)
Sanjeewa Cooray

Unfortunately not everyone can have the same views that we would like them to have. With gay marriage still such a hot topic of debate. It is likely that the argument will continue well on into the future, no matter how far we like to think we have come. With most celebrities often speaking out with support for the LGBT community. Some have also chosen not to. Here are 6 celebrities who are surprisingly against gay marriage.

Number Six: Jon Voight

The world was a little taken a back when Jon Voight stated that he believed homosexuals should not have the right to marry. Especially when his own daughter Angelina Jolie has publicly revealed her bisexuality a variety of times and has had a number of high profile same sex relationships. Plus most remembered for his stint in the famous movie Midnight Cowboy, which has some very obvious queer undertones. It is strange to understand where these views seem to have come from.

Number Five: Strongly Against Gay Marriage Stephen Baldwin

Certain members of the Baldwin family have often been accused of homophobia. With Stephen often displaying a number of conservative views. Very much against the concept of gay marriage. The born again Christian often uses his religious views to back up his reasons why. However with his niece Ireland Baldwin, who is also the daughter of the much more famous Alec, known to have had a relationship with female rapper Angel Haze. We can only imagine what went down at family dinners.

Number Four: Manny Pacquiao

Extremely religious (a running theme here) and boxing legend Pacquiao has often used god as an excuse to publicly bash the gay community and indulge in some horrific homophobia. With himself being such a humongous role model. It is worrying how harmful his views can actually be.

Number Three: Donald Trump

Of course! With a hatred for everything else. It is no surprise to see Trump on the list. Publicly declaring a number of times his intolerance to gay marriage. Trump has stated he is a ‘traditionalist’ believing marriage to be a concept only available to a man and woman. However despite being married 3 times. Divorce is clearly a non issue for this hypocrite of the century.

donald trump

Number Two: Kirk Cameron

Former Growing Pains star Kirk Cameron has often displayed homophobia and outspoken views. Again using his beliefs as an excuse to make such comments. Cameron often speaks out against gay marriage and the LGBT community. Famously calling same sex marriages displayed on the Grammy Awards an ‘assault on the traditional family’.Cameron doesn’t look like he’ll quieten down any time soon.

Number One: Mel Gibson

In similar respect to Mr Trump. Gibson has often displayed some extremely sexist and racist views therefore it is no surprise to see that old Mel is a non supporter of the LGBT community. However what is surprising is his friendship with openly gay movie legend Jodie Foster, who has often had his back in times of need and a career suicide.

Mel Gibson: 15 Things You Didn't Know (Part 2)

Sanjeewa Cooray

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