6 Of The Hottest Sex Scenes In Cinema

Sex: 88 Things You Didn't Know (Part 1)

The magical world of cinema has a certain way of making things look a lot better than they usually are. Sex being one of them. Yes sex can be amazing, beautiful and absolutely exhilarating. However is it usually as sizzling as it looks on the silver screen? I think not. Here are 6 of the hottest sex scenes in cinema history.

Number Six: Brokeback Mountain

So much more than just the ‘gay cowboy movie’ that it is unjustly dismissed as. The scene in particular is so heartfelt that IT could it make the hardest of us weep. Fighting each other every step of the way, metaphorically and literally. Things finally come to a head resulting in it being all the more depressing after. Hot, steamy yet absolutely heartbreaking.

Number Five: Cruel Intentions

A movie so jam packed full of sex that you almost feel dirty after watching. But it is one scene in particular that really stands out. Sweaty , sultry and damn right sexy, Ryan Phillippe and Reese Witherspoon go all at it in the ultimate cherry popping scene. However it is the extraordinary sexual tension between the pair that really puts things into perspective especially when the young couple were very much in love in real life. Yum.

Number Four: Y Mama Tu Tambien

A movie that centers on the sexual exploration of two teenage boys and an older woman during a road trip, the erotica can be cut with a knife. After a night of tequila and a ton of sexual tension the woman in question then proceeds to take the two boys back to her hotel room for one of the most thrilling threesomes in film.

Number Three: Don’t Look Now

Did they or didn’t they? A rumor that has done the rounds since its release. Starring Julie Christie and Donald Sutherland as grieving parents the scene in particular depicts a rawness so often missing in intimate sex scenes. Looking like they knew exactly what they were doing and had been for years, the movie has garnered attention ever since.

Number Two: Bound

Lesbian sex scenes can be exceptionally difficult to get right, usually pandering to the male gaze and often directed by men, for men. However Bound, which was made by the now out trans directors Lana and Lilly Wachowski, was entirely different. With the help of a lesbian sexpert sexologist and a touch of authenticity the scene was a far cry from the male fantasy we so often see in film. But in fact a really hot real lesbian sex scene.

Number One: One Of The Hottest Sex Scenes, Do The Right Thing

Sizzling and oh so Steamy, Do the Right Thing puts the sex into sexually explicit. With the sun blazing and no where to go, main character Mookie visits his girlfriend with only one intention. Pouring ice onto various parts of his girlfriends body the film never seems to glorify the female form only embracing how sensual a woman’s body can be. Smart, scorching and blisteringly exhausting, you will be sweating buckets just watching.